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x3o, KBS in Double-Headers; ESEA Week 4 Wraps Up Tonight

ESEA – x3o and KBS look to take on doubleheaders tonight.

Tonight is a very busy night for the ESEA Invite league with four matches that will be played throughout the course of tonight. Two of the matches will be played by team x3o due to their match being postponed against Team Dynamic last night. X3o is set to play at 8:00 against Dynamic; following that match they will play Vitriolic.

Keyboard Smashers will also play a double header against Mike Gaming & Cyber Revolution.

Monday night, Vitriolic came back to take an overtime win against Absolution. Vitriolic has been the talk of the community lately with their on the rise talent. They are a very dangerous team with lots of potential, especially with shaffeR leading the charge.

View all the matches here.

However, tonight will be a very difficult task for Vitriolic as they go up against one of the best teams in source, x3o. Lead by nickn0it and AZK and a whole slew of talented veterans through out the lineup. Vitriolic is going to have to be on all cues and is going to have to execute perfectly to come away with a win tonight.

The second match of the night is Keyboard Smashers against Mike Gaming. Mike Gaming is another one of those “elite” teams with very talented players. Look for moE to bounce back tonight from a dismal showing last week against Cyber Revolution. Warmach1ne and Mustang will also look to lay down the law with their amazing rifle skills in inner.

Keyboard Smashers will have a very difficult time to cope with the talent of Mike Gaming, so Glockateer and Torr will have to turn it up if they are to lead the way for KBS. The only key to success for KBS is to get inside of the heads of Mike Gaming, as moE and company are very temperamental. But if Mike Gaming keeps their cool this could be a blow out.

As if Mike Gaming wasn’t tough enough for KBS, directly following that match they will have to play the number one team in ESEA, Cyber Revolution. From top to bottom Cyber Rev has the most complete roster out of any of the ESEA Invite teams, not to mention their chemistry with each other is unfathomable.

Ever since the descent of the CGS, without a doubt Cyber Rev has been the top CSS team around. However, they are beatable as they do have two losses, one coming from last week against Vitriolic.

If Keyboard Smashers have enough in the tank, they actually should be able to match up with Cyber Rev pretty well if they are able to keep it close quarters. The last time the two teams met was on de_dust2 and Cyber Rev barely pulled away with a win by a score of 16-14.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we follow the rest of the ESEA Season.

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was kinda upset n0it didn't play either mach for x3o

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