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ESEA Wednesday, Week 4 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Doza predicts tongiht's Week 4 matches.


Sway Gaming (3-3) vs. North Stars United (0-5)

Usually when the term "Battle of Canada" is thrown around, it is in reference to a sport played on ice. Well that is not the case tonight, as the two Canadian Counter-Strike powerhouses will square off  for national bragging rights. Up until tonight Sway has had the most to talk about. But then again, if talking is a measure of quality of play, NSU might just be mute. Coming in at a paltry 0-5, they look to right the ship and get that first notch on their belt. For that to happen, Garrido "Xp3" David must get his team to play as a unit. NSU has made a habit of getting right to the edge of the diving board, without actually making the leap. The potential is there. Now it is just a matter of execution, because folks, we haven't seen NSU's best game yet.

Sway, on the other hand, is sitting on a rather surprising .500 record. Since their last scheduled match was against the vacancy left by CompLexity's wake, they haven't been seen in league play for an entire week. With solid rifling from Wilson "ryennn" Chen on CT-side of train, Sway pushed EG near the brink. Tonight, however, is a different map and rival.

With one team battling to get its first win, and the other trying to solidify its spot in the upper half of the Invite standings, we should see some intense gameplay. And that is not even taking into consideration the pride factor. Tonight, the Canadian "stars" will finally align for NSU, as:

Doza's Prediction: NSU > Sway 16-9

Player to watch: Garrido "Xp3" David

00 (5-1) vs. Area51 (1-5)

Opposite is the trend in this clash. Area51's record and level of play are completely opposite of their counterpart, 00, at this moment in time. And that is not a good thing...

Since the acquisition of David "zid" Chin, 00 (formally iDemise) has looked like a legitimate contender for the ESEA-I crown. They have completely overmatched their competition, and I don't see them letting up on the lowly Area51. It's a sad thing because James "jame^s" Oconnor has been a familiar face in competitive CS for a long time. Things just haven't fallen into place for the veteran's crew this season.

A map like dust2 might give Area51 the opportunity to show some signs of life. I'd like to see an upset here, but 00 is just playing too strong. These two teams will remain polar opposites after tonight.

Doza's Prediction: 00 > Area51 16-7

Player to watch: Ric "iNERTiA" Bundy

EG (7-0) vs. coL (6-0)

The match of the night is what every North American CS fan has been waiting for. With the NBA finals set to start tomorrow, and the Stanley Cup finals already underway, it is fitting that the two best US Counter-Strike teams are joining the party. The clash of the titans.

Both teams have been at the top of their class, stomping their way to perfect marks. Tonight that will change.

The budding rivalry creates such a desirable match-up because of recent history. Both teams, coL playing as X30, were pitted against each other in the CEVO-P grand finals last season. But if once is good, then twice is better, as season two of ESEA-Invite concluded in the same way. Each team took home one championship and each team took home the taste of one bitter loss. Buckle your seat belts, because this is going to be the best pre-playoff match of the season. The eye of the community will be heavily watching as both organizations will try to show why they are the best on the continent.

EG plays dust2 like madmen, molding an aggresive CT-side with a tactical T-side. While both clubs have similar leadership skills, I think the map may make the difference in the end. CompLexity will need to utilize their togetherness, in CS and in real life, to counter EG's intrusive style. Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman's audibling effectiveness will be the key for coL.

It will be a nail biter, as it should be, but the Kings of Dust will prevail.

Doza's Prediction: EG > coL 16-12

Player to watch: Danny "fRoD" Montaner

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