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EG vs. coL Tonight for ESEA

ESEA – The match of the season takes place tonight as Complexity faces off against Evil Geniuses on de_dust2.

Still trying to find there grove, North Stars United need to get things on track soon or they may be at risk of being moved down to Main next season. Sway Gaming is sitting tight in the middle of the pack and have really stepped there game up, these guys could be a sleeper come playoff time. Sway should be able to handle NSU tonight as long as they play their game like they have been displaying all season.

Complete opposites unite in this matchup as iDemise (5-1) is matched up against Area 51 (1-5). A strong roster has proven to not hold up in Invite this season as Area 51 has some of the best individual skill but lack teamwork which has put them in the back seat of the standings. A fluke loss has kept iDemise from being undefeated but that has not stopped this squad from demolishing the opposition. It has proven successful with the recent acquisition of zid who has played very well on a team that he is fairly new too. iDemise will win big as long as they keep LuckyTeds awp in check throughout the match.

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Now what we have all been waiting featuring the two best teams battling it out on d2.  Jason Lake would love nothing other than to take down his old team with his newly acquired roster.
Both of these teams are highly skilled, well organized and most of all have years of comradery that not many teams have.

This map will be won on T side. I anticipate some really well thought out strats by both teams. They have scouted one another out heavily I imagine so it will be interesting to see who can be more clever tonight.

This is a must see match so don’t miss it 10pm central 9 EST.

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