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Lapez Out, woodi Back in for SoA

DENMARK - SoA makes a roster change in hope for better domestic and international results in the near future.

The Danish team, despite good play at the DreamHack Qualifier, fell short at the national LAN “The Blast”, where they only managed to place 5-6th behind mTw, PlayZeek, yourname? and NS-Gaming. Officially the change is a move to better improve chemistry, rather than a performance issue.

SoA stated the following on their website:

"We welcome back woodi instead of Lapez in order to secure a better team-effort for the future.

We have been playing and practicing a lot lately. Individually the players have been performing quite well and the drive has been pleasing. However, as a team we have been lacking. In order to perfect the chemistry somewhat more, we have chosen to thank Lapez for his time on the team and we hope that he will be playing for a long time to come as an active part of the esports-scene. Especially we thank him for completely removing everglades at Kwazq #2 in the gunround! It is a choice made to secure the development of the team as a unity and here we felt that securing it needed this alteration.

Instead we are taking in our old favorite woodi as a standin. An aimer that has secured us tremendous results almost singlehandedly. His good spirits and great personality will secure a better chemistry on the team and give us the best steppingstones for success or at least that is what we are testing. We hope that he finds us as ideal as we find him in due time. Have a ball again here at SoA.

SoA's new roster:

Baljit "zE-" Lal
Michael "Friis" Jørgensen
Martin "woodi" Holm
Christoffer "noas" Terkelsen
Christian "stagep" Stage


SoA Website

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