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Back to the Basics in ESEA Week 4

ESEA – It’s back to the basics tonight as we have two matches on the most popular map in the game, de_dust2.

Ruins will receive a forfeit win tonight against the inactive Complexity team.

After two extremely close and exciting matches, Gravitas put my prediction to shambles going (1-1) on de_train last night. Tonight they face Grid05, and I expect this to be another ecstatic match as both teams rely on their teamwork and strategy to eradicate their opponents.

De_dust2, or simply D2, has been one of those maps that you need to be random in your passive and aggressive set ups on T and CT side or else you will just get engaged on and get trampled.

Gravitas has the upper hand in this match with ben_st on their side frankly because this kid has been playing like a freak of nature. Grid05 will have to declare a starting five soon or else I don’t see this team lasting very long due to lack of teamwork between them.

The full schedule and scores as well as HLTV are located here.

Both Dynasty and Artic Thugz have been a big disappointment this season. Teams full of talent yet they have not stepped up to the play come match time. They have one legitimate win each; both against another struggling team Area51.

I don’t see things turning around for aT but Dynasty has a chance because they actually put the effort in and have a regular practice schedule. If Dynasty play as a team tonight there should be no problem winning their match tonight. However, if they get sloppy and try to out gun Artic Thugz individually they will be sadly mistaken and not get the result they desire as aT has far superior individual skill players notably evolution.

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