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ESEA Tuesday, Week 4 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS, ESEA - Week 4 begins with Derek continuing his predictions.

After the weekend layoff, Week 4 is set to begin for ESEA Season Three.

With thrilling matches and roster transitions last week, one can only hope that the following act will share some of the same. Even those with just a vague history of the game should be familiar with this week’s map, which is de_dust2.

RUINS vs. Inactive Spot

The pesky Inactive Spot has been a thorn in the side of many teams. Fighting with valor and heart they have gained the respect of many fans around the community. Unfortunately, they have still yet to win a round. I see this match as much of the same.

Sorry Inactive spot, you still have my adoration…

Doza's Prediction: Ruins > Inactive Spot 16-0


Dynasty (1-4) vs. Arctic Thugz (2-4)

This match is a hard one to gauge. Both teams have been less than stellar so far. Dynasty has played a little more consistently, providing unease for almost all their opponents. Yet, their steady play has only produced them one win.

They did manage to chalk up a win over Area51 gaming, which is a trait shared by Arctic Thugz, but with the way Jame^s crew has been playing, "impressive" isn't a word that comes to mind.

Arctic Thugz, on the other hand, has been all over the map. Getting a read on them is like spinning a drunkard around ten times and then expecting him to hit the bullseye on the bars dartboard. They may scrape up a win here and there, but even that dart is going to hit its mark if thrown enough times. Since adorning the "aT" tag, they have played slightly better. Jason "jstone" Caposello has been a rock and Scott "evolution" Cavallero can be lethal with an AWP.

What makes this match interesting is the player swap of Don "b33f" Frain and Fadil "Nepo" Canovic. Both players will get a shot at their former club in their first match in new uniforms, so to speak. That new found hunger might be the key to victory.

Thug life tonight as:

Doza's Prediction: aT > Dynasty 16-12.

Player to watch: Jason "jstone" Caposello

Gravitas Gaming (4-2) vs. EXCELLO-GRID05 (3-4)

This is certainly the match of the night.

Gravitas, fresh off of last night's double-header, is looking to get that swagger back in their step. Going 1-1 in a back-to-back with RUINS and NSU is not something you would expect of the once dominant GG. Even their win was by the slimmest of margins.

Now I've said this many times before, and I'll say it again, this is not the same team without Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol. Until he returns, this inconsistent play may become a staple. However, the bottom line is that they are a professional team, and adversity like this must be overcome. Their lineup is filled with so much skill and depth that you would figure them to be right with the undefeated ranks of CompLexity and Evil Geniuses.

To put it bluntly, GRID05 has just been playing horribly of late. Their last match against EG, a 16-3 pounding, was almost unbearable to watch. They played like they didn't want to be in the invite division anymore. It was that bad. They tried too hard to rely on raw skill, rather than teamwork, and that a huge no-no at ANY level of competitive Counter-Strike. The recent addition of Matt "PaTyoJoN" Iantosca might have altered their chemistry a tad, but they still need to play at a much higher level. Maybe with the few days off they were able to make some necessary tweaks. For G5 fans sake, I hope this to be the case, but my gut is telling me other wise.

Gravitas is a force on Dust2, plain and simple. I see G5 putting up more rounds than they did against EG, but still:

Doza's Prediction: GG > G5 16-10.

Player to watch: Derrick "impulsive" Truong

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