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x3o, Dynamic Meet Up Tonight in ESEA

ESEA- x3o looks to improve to a 5-2 record and ESEA supremacy tonight against Team Dynamic.

Last night was the start of Week 4:1 on de_nuke with two matches that went underway.

The first matchup consisted of an overtime win of the newly sponsored Vitriolic over the veteran Absolution CSS squad. Vitriolic came out on top with a score of 21-16 taking all but one of the OT rounds as they scratched and clawed their way to victory. Vitriolic showed great poise late in the match and stood cool under pressure as Absolution had the momentum swinging their way late in the match and had 15 rounds taken.

But that did not startle shaffeR and company as they fought their way back from a two round deficit to force overtime. Now with all the momentum shifted in Vitriolic’s favor, unlike their opponent, they were able to capitalize and make quick work of Absolution in overtime.

An upsetting loss for Absolution but a great win for Vitriolic as they look to further use this momentum to help surge them up the standings. ER1c continued his streak of 3 straight games with 30+ frags as he finished last night with 35 frags.

The second matchup last night consisted of the last place Push Gaming up against Team Dynamic. Push Gaming got their first win last week against Dynamic, but payback ensued as Dynamic blew them out last night by a score of 16-4.

This match wasn’t even close as Dynamic won the first half 12-3 on CT side and made quick work on T side winning 4 out of 5 rounds to win 16-4.

Tonight's full schedule can be found here.

Tonight’s matchup consists of x3o squared up with Team Dynamic.

Dynamic should have more of a challenge tonight as x3o is in third place with a record of 4-2 and consists of a very talented and experienced roster. Not to mention they are fresh off an impressive win against Vitriolic last week by a score of 16-5. Dynamic will try and use last night’s blowout of Push Gaming as momentum and confidence.

Look for nicKn0it to put his great AWP skills on display tonight as well as AZK’s great rifle to quickly stop any momentum leftover from last night for Team Dynamic.

The key to success for Dynamic tonight is to keep cool and poise much like Vitriolic did last night and to be able to capitalize on any mistakes that x3o makes and to not give up rounds when they have the player advantage. All x3o needs to do is just stay focused and play their style of game.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we follow the remaining season of ESEA CSS Season 3.

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quote#1 US RedruM 03/06/2009 - 04:48:38
match got postpone to tonight. Start time is 8:00 EST

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