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Dynamic, Vitriolic and More in ESEA Week 4

ESEA – In week 4:1, playoffs have begun to reach the mind halfway through the season.

As we move into June, four teams will battle it out tonight on de_nuke, fighting for a playoff spot halfway through the season. Tonight there will be two matches, who include the newly Euro-American crossbreed Vitriolic (2-4) team squaring off against the experienced Absolution (3-3) and the young Push Gaming (1-5) squad against Team Dynamic (3-3).

Last week on de_cpl_mill, Team Dynamic fell to the hands of Push Gaming giving them their first win of the season. Redemption will be on the minds for Team Dynamic after a disappointing loss of 16-11 last time around.

Look for adrEN and crew to regroup and give a better showing tonight. If this match is anything like last weeks expect this to be an exciting match to watch with these two fairly young teams going at it.

The matches can be viewed here.

The newly sponsored and the quickly on the rise team Vitriolic will be going against the seasoned veterans of Absolution. Look for Prec1sioN on Vitriolic to put his AWP to work and the great in game leadership of shaffeR to match the experience of Absolution.

For Absolution, look for ER1cc to lead the way fresh off a 34 frag performance against KeyboardSmashers last week.

Expect this one to come down to the wire and possibly even extras.

For me the success of tonight’s matches will be the success of the teams Terrorist side strats on this heavily CT sided map. Expect lots of roof flashes and well sounded executed rushes into upper along with plays being made in the upper bombsite.

Coming down the stretch of the season Push Gaming and Vitriolic are looking for a surge to propel them into the standings.

You can view the standings here.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we follow the rest of the ESEA CSS Invite.

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