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Alchemists Pick Up Two, Qualify for DreamHack Summer

OSLO, NORWAY - After the release of their Swedish player for hope of a WCG medal, Alchemists have landed two and qualify for DreamHack Summer.

Alchemists, who surprised many in the CS scene with a fourth place finish at ESWC Asia Masters, had some roster changes almost immediately after the event.

They released Swedish Christian 'floreNz' Shanahan, after promising to improve on results; the Norwegian team was left without a full roster, leaving many to wonder who would fill the void.

The question was answered, as Alchemists won DreamHack Summer Qualifier Oslo yesterday, featuring not one but two new members. They not only won, but dominated, winning the best of three finals in two games, 16–5 game one and 16–0 game two over visage.

The two new players are Thomas "Azid" Heltne and Ruben "enoksen" Enoksen.

“We have found a great line-up now. Social and skill-wise,” says Captain Gunnar "zEn" Eng. “We had been thinking about them for a while, and we got them to play at the Dreamhack qualfier," Gunnar "zEn" Eng told hltv.org "tacky had played with them in a couple of teams and really likes the guys. After winning the last map of the final 16-0 there was no doubt we had found our last players."

However it is not known if thomas "Vertigo" Andresen, who did not play in the qualifier in Oslo will continue teaming with Alchemists as a sixth man, or be released into free agency.

New Alchemists Lineup:
Gunnar "zEn" Eng
Karl William "kalle" Haraldsen
Tommy "tacky" Mosgaard
Thomas "Azid" Heltne
Ruben "enoksen" Enoksen
Thomas "Vertigo" Andresen

Teams attending DreamHack Summer:
SK Gaming
Begrip Gaming
Crack Clan
Evil Geniuses
Spirit of Amiga

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