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Tampering in Sports

INSIDER ESPORTS - Jason Kai talks about eSports and possible tampering events.

By: Jason Kai
The opinions expressed are the writer's alone and not necessarily that of Insider eSports or its partners.

Tampering, defined by the dictionary, is to engage secretly or improperly in something. There has been tampering in both soccer, football, baseball, along with all the other sports.

The most talked about – tampering this past offseason in football – was the Tennessee Titans accusations against the Washington Redskins, in which they claim the Redskins contacted Albert Haynesworth prior to the beginning of free agency.

Tampering is something that is illegal in most professional leagues.

So does it happen in eSports?

It was a surprise to everyone when the news came out that Warden, Storm, fRoD and Hanes joined EG. It was not something anyone but those who were involved expected. Was EG offering the players something Complexity couldn’t give them? Did the players leave because things weren’t looking great for Complexity at the time? Will the players leave another organization if things aren’t looking great?

Looking back a few months to when EG signed the ex-Complexity Counter-Strike players (Warden, Storm, fRoD & Hanes) to play with n0thing, you realize that something must have happened behind the scenes. The EG organization may have been able to offer the players something that Complexity wasn’t able to guarantee at the time.

Whatever that may have been, or even if it’s true, we may never know.

At the time the players left Complexity, the CGS had died and Jason Lake was trying to obtain the rights to the Complexity brand again. That being said, it meant that players might not have been playing under the Complexity name that many gamers have come to know, but a different name. It wasn’t even guaranteed that Complexity was going to continue on after the CGS died.  So the question is, is this why the players left?

A possibility was that the players feared they would not have a source of income in the future so they looked at other teams that could have offered a way for them to earn money.

A conclusion I have come to is that the players left because EG was offering better than what Complexity had to give. By doing what they did, it leads to more questions:

Will those same players leave EG like they left Complexity if there is ever a time when the future of EG doesn’t look too bright?  If another team can offer what EG offers and more, does it mean that the players will leave? With the way the players handled a situation like that, it leads me to wonder, will we see other players do the same thing in the future?

Something that has been brought to my attention is the way organizations acquire certain teams and players.

Most of the time, a deal is worked so that the team is bought out from its former organization so it can join the new organization, much like coL did with the x3o roster. This way there are no problems between the two teams, but when it is not worked out like this, something like what happened between EG and Complexity may happen.

It is known that prior to CGS, Complexity and 3D were the two top teams in North America. It is also known that fRoD brought problems to 3D in most maps with his AWP and that 3D was trying to acquire him once his contract with Complexity was done.

Most players, when nearing the age of retirement, will join a team they believe have a shot at winning the title. One can assume there was something done behind the scenes to try to persuade fRoD to join their organization – [Editor’s Note: You can read some of this in the book GameBoys, by Michael Kane] – and if Complexity had not started winning championships when they did, fRoD might have left in a bid to win a championship.

The rivalry between Complexity and 3D at the time was not unknown and it is similar to something that is developing between Complexity and EG. It is only a matter of time before Complexity and EG are dominating in both online – oh, wait, they already are – and offline like Complexity and 3D had.

Most teams who leave their old organization stick together and don’t go off looking for a new team as individuals. x3o joined Complexity as a team. Warden, fRoD, Storm – three players who have played together since 2004 – and Hanes, who joined the other three in the CGS, joined EG as a group of players and not as individuals.

This allows them to join another organization with players they have played with before and are familiar with, which is a bonus for the organization that is acquiring them because of the chemistry that is already there.

As long as there are players, there will be teams with dominating individuals. As long as there are teams, there will always be some controversial things that happen, whether it is tampering or other things.

British Philosopher Bertrand Russell once said, “The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is a no good evidence either way.”

Every sport has its own problems. Hockey has its cheap headshots, baseball has its steroids, but only time will tell what sort of problems eSports may bring.

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quote#1 US ix007 30/05/2009 - 10:08:17
Great read Kai, keep it up!

quote#2 US tehkorean 30/05/2009 - 13:03:45
Great column dude :D

Oh and #ms.cs everybody I'll love you forever :D

quote#3 US Ghost 30/05/2009 - 23:00:01
Good read.

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