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CPL Just Where Are You?

INSIDER ESPORTS - TehKorean discusses the CPL and his wish for it to return.

By: David “tehkorean” Kim
Opinions expressed are his alone and not necessarily that of Insider eSports.

If you’re a competitive gamer, especially in the Coutner Strike 1.6, Source, or Quake scene – then you must have at least heard of the CyberAthlete Professional League or CPL at least once in your entire gaming life and maybe some of you have even dreamed of making it to CPL, a dream that was easily crushed by your inability to play at that level… I kid, I kid.

The CPL was found in 1997 by Angel Munoz with the goal of creating a competitive eSports tournament that all could participate in, and in the following years that followed.

We saw the CPL grow and finally became a league that all gamers could dream of going too.

However, despite the dream we all know what happened to the CPL in the end. On May 10, 2008 the league that we all knew of was closed down, supposedly due to the economic climate and other rising leagues in the e Sports scene.

The league that had hosted over nine countries, had over 120+ teams competing, and had “awarded” – let’s not get into the debate, here, shall we? – over $3,000,000 in prize money over its eleven year life span, had closed it’s doors and it was a shocking day for gamers everywhere.

When I heard of the news it gave me a huge shock, and I was not only disappointed but also worried. The closure of the CPL must surely have been a warning as well that this economy would affect eSports, and as all of you can see we’re not in the greatest situation when it comes to money.

As the months went by, the shock of the CPL closure slowly faded and life went on. We all still played in CAL, we all played our games, and we continued to play our favorite competitive games just without the CPL anymore.

However on August 20, 2008 a moment of hope came to gamers everywhere. The CPL was back! Angel Munoz had made an announcement that the CPL was purchased by United Arab Emirates a middle-eastern federation that focused on oil and natural gas; promising that they would host tournaments all around the world including the United States.

At first I was skeptical, why in the world would an Arabian organization want the CPL?
But just like I always do, the excitement made me not care. True there were the skeptics but to everyone else it seemed that the CPL was back.

At www.thecpl.com, there was a teaser press release and logo explaining that the CPL would host events soon. So I waited and waited and just like everyone else I patiently just bided my time hoping that the CPL would announce something or at least change their website somewhat.

Soon I began to wonder just what’s happening to the CPL?

Then on February 22, 2009, CAL had closed indefinitely with plans to bring it back as told in the press release.

However, two weeks later the CAL and CPL website went down all of a sudden. Now I began to question what in the world is this United Arab Emirates exactly doing with the CPL name.

It’s been practically a year now and still no announcement or any change to the CPL website or practically any news at all has been released. There are so many questions yet no answers and I’m pretty sure that gamers just like you and me are wondering the exact same thing.

As I close, I’d like to say that the CPL gave gamers a dream; a dream to reach that level of play and become professional gamers. That dream was hindered by the closure of the CPL, but we regained our hope when it was announced that the CPL was back.

However as you can see, there has been no progress since that announcement and signs are pointing to the fact that the CPL isn’t coming back anytime soon. I as a gamer still have hope that the CPL will make an announcement or do something in due time, but nowadays it’s pretty hard to keep that hope alive especially after a year of waiting.

So I guess I can ask that question that every gamer is asking or should be asking right now; CPL just where are you?

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quote#1 US JimmyNR 29/05/2009 - 23:20:59
"nice countries" lulz

quote#2 US Fenom 30/05/2009 - 08:57:10
there's still WCG but you have to work hard to qualify for it, it's not like CPL where you just paid and got it which was great :/

quote#3 US Ghost 31/05/2009 - 22:13:22
CPL is done with. The CPL/CAL name is tainted with the actions of Angel Munoz. There are still teams yet today, that have not been paid their prize winnings and that is pretty sad. Honestly, everyone wants to see larger LANs with bigger prize pots, but it won't happen under the CPL name.

No one trusts CPL anymore, even if it is under new management. I don't know why a company would use the CPL name instead of create their own because it isn't tainted and people will definitely give it a shot.

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