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Gravitas, EG in ESEA Tonight

ESEA - Another Week of ESEA-Invite brings important matches for many teams struggling to get the job done.

Complexity will be getting a forfeit win tonight against Old Complexity’s spot. Keep an eye on this team as they have big plans for their future.

After getting there perfect season spoiled by iDemise, Gravitas hopes to bounce back on train matched up against Ruins tonight. Gravitas has proven themselves already so if they keep doing what they’re doing then I don’t see why they can’t rack up another win tonight. Ruins have either played exceptionally well upsetting Area 51 and iDemise this season but in there three losses it has not been pretty. What Ruins will show up tonight only time can tell so stay tuned for the match tonight.

Dynasty and NSU have played decent but not at the Invite caliber just yet. This is a great match up as both teams are going to scrapping it out for a win. Train is an evenly balanced map so this one could go either way. I would give the upper hand to Dynasty as North Star had high aspirations but have yet to live up to those.

EG has once again proven that they are not messing around undefeated again. Grid has been off and on with their matches this season but yet to beat an Invite team from last season. They will need to play atop their game or they will get pumbled into submission by the superior EG team. I will be watching so join me and see if this Cinderella team can make it happen.

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