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ESEA Thursday, Week 3 Predictions

ESEA - Another day, another set of predictions.  Doza predicts the end of Week 3.

After a breathtaking week of action, ESEA concludes its week 3 with another set of exciting matches.


Dynasty (1-4) vs. North Stars United (0-4)

Originally slated to be a Wednesday night match-up, a postponement delayed Dynasty vs. NSU until tonight. It also cost them their "match of the night" slot; Sorry guys.

That said we will still see NSU get off their terrible start. Overall they have been playing better than their record indicates. Aside from a lopsided loss at the hands of CompLexity, NSU has been within a few rounds of winning each of their matches. It's the little things in-game that can swing momentum. Communication. Audibling. Playing money smart. And for each of these intangibles NSU is just coming up a tad short. Dynasty has played some close matches of their own. However, a shutdown 16-5 loss against 00 is fresh in their memory. NSU fans rejoice as:

Doza's prediction: NSU > Dynasty 16-11

Player to watch: Nick "lAlondE" Lalonde

Ruins (2-3) vs. Gravitas Gaming (3-1)

The last time we saw Gravitas, many fans around the community were left scratching their head. A very sloppy loss at the hands of 00 spawned the question, "is this really Gravitas?"

And no disrespect to 00, who is an enormously skilled team in their own right, but GG is capable of playing so much better. The temporary loss of team captain Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol has shaken the foundation of team chemistry, but the rounds must go on. Seated in the opposite corner, Ruins is coming off a powerful win against Area51. Their execution was nearly flawless, as a strong T-side set them up for an easy victory on the defensive de_train. With Ruins being the fresher of the two teams, I see this contest coming down to the wire.

However, Shaun "hostile" Catron's AWP will neutralize the map for GG, resulting in a:

Doza's prediciton: GG > Ruins 16-13

Player to watch: Shaun "hostile" Catron

-Match of the Night-

Evil Geniuses (6-0) vs. Grid05 (3-3)

Tonight's marquee event features two teams headed in opposite directions. The once scalding hot Grid05 find themselves in the middle of a Tom Petty-esque free fall; losing three consecutive matches to drop their record to 3-3. EG, on the other hand, has kept their proverbial ball rolling in route to six straight victories. With DreamHack just around the corner, EG has opted to bootcamp in Sweden in an attempt to gain experience amongst the world’s best. It's been a while since the United States has fielded a team that can consistently compete with squads from abroad. By taking this trip, EG is putting one foot in the door to success. ESEA has stated that they are willing to work with the team due to their LAN obligation, and because of that this is actually a dust2 week 4 match.

It is essential for Grid05 to come out early and set the tone, because dust2 might just be EG's best map (their CT side is a joy to watch). If G5 can take the money game by the reigns then anything can happen. However, I see EG's record remaining untarnished. The losing streak continues as:

Doza's prediction: EG > G5 16-11

Player to watch: Tyler "Storm" Wood

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