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WGT Titans League

WGTour.com - With the end of the 21st season of the WGT Clan League, WGTour has moved in a new direction, bringing you the WGT Titans League.


WGTour.Com announced their newest league, the WGT Titans League. The Titans League will be the replacement to the WGTCL, which WGT has decided to scrap after 21 seasons. The new league will only consist of ten teams, with the first season having eight direct invites and then two spots determined by a qualifier league between eight teams.The top team will recieve five SteelSeries Syberia Special Edition Red headsets in addition to $600. 2nd place will recieve $250, and 3rd place overall will get $100.

 The ten teams will play a round robin season, and at the end of the season, the top four teams will enter into a playoff bracket for the championship. In regards to playdowns, the teams in 9th and 10th place will have to return to the qualifier league and try and earn their bid in the league the hard way. The top two teams from the qualifier will get automatic berths in the next season, and then the 3rd place team in the qualifier will play the 8th place team from the previous season, and the 4th place team from the qualifier will play the previous season's 7th place finisher for berths in the next season.


This season's direct invites go to:

[Germany] Speedlink - SL.

[Germany] ESC.ICY-BOX - ESC.

[Europe] Templars of Twilight - ToT)

[Russia] RoX - RoX.

[Spain] Los Reyes Del Mambo - LRM)

[Poland] ZZZ - ZZZ

[USA] eXpertise -]eX[

[Sweden] Nerds at Work - NaW-


The eight qualifier berths will go to:

 [Germany] mTw 360º Gaming - mTw.

[USA] Evil Geniuses - EG.

[Chile] Old School Reborn - osR-

[Russia] International Federation of Untouchables - iFU.

[UK] yoyoTech - yTech.

[Sweden] Team BW - BW-

[Korea] Neo Roxor Team - NrT-

[Russia] Fellowship of StarCraft - fOsc.


Source: WGTour.com

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