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x3o, CyberRev in ESEA Week 3 Tonight

ESEA - With no teams sitting undefeated in ESEA-Invite CSS, we have x3o (3-1) facing off against KEYBOARD SMASHERS (2-2), Cyber Rev (3-1) against Vitriolic (1-3), and finally ending the night Push Gaming (0-5) vs a strong Team Dynamic (3-2). With Push Gaming will be fighting for their first win and Cyber Rev, and x3o trying to tie first place with AYEDOG, tonight's matches will leave teams jocking for 1st place.

The x3o organization is in a scramble with the recent buying out of their CS 1.6 roster. The x3o.css team is left with the position of representing the organization solely. KEYBOARD SMASHERS - coming off a well played but controversial Alienware CEVO tournament - will look to win and step up in the ranks to make play-offs. x3o on the other hand will be playing to tie up first place and make their way to clinching a play-off position.

Push Gaming will look for their first victory against team Dynamic on de_cpl_strike. Coming up short in their previous matches, Push Gaming looks to come up big to get a win in the books and finally get something together. Dynamic looks to get there fourth win and get their second win in a row.

Cyber Revolution, said to be one of the best teams in ESEA and maybe even the best team in North America, looks to get back on top of their game with a win over seventh ranked Vitriolic. Vitriolic looks to try to get their second win of the season. They beat Push Gaming in their last match, gaining some momentum for their win over them.

Written By: Dan Camacho

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