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ESEA Wednesday, Week 3 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Doza continues his Week 3 Predictions.

Coming off of a night where we saw the new CompLexity take center stage, ESEA continues in full force Wednesday. With only one winning team set to play, a chance of standing shuffling will be presented.

Area51 (1-3) vs. Ruins (1-3)

Two 1-3 teams clash on de_train and something has to give. Ruins has played two solid matches in a row and it has generally been competitive. With a difficult schedule thrown at them in week two de_inferno –  Grid05 and 00 – Ruins impressed.

However, the win column still only shows the number one. They will look to improve that marker against Area51, led by the veterans James "jame^s" Oconnor and Ted "LuckeyTed" Weinrich. Area51's dismal season continued last week when they were slapped with a forfeit loss against the powerhouse Evil Geniuses.

But don't be fooled, this team has plenty of talent. Dan "mehLer" Mehler is only a few months removed from a stint with X3O gaming, now known as CompLexity (heard of them?). With such a wide range of talent in this league, the phrase "any given Sunday" really comes to mind. This match will come down to the wire, but in the end:

Doza's prediction: Ruins > Area51 16-13.

Player to watch: Sean "sgAREs" Gares.

EG (5-0) vs. Arctic Thugz (1-3)

Originally I was going to label this as the "match of the night," but after a few seconds of thought I dispatched the idea. Yes, EG is playing. And yes, they are one of the top teams in the league. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, this match should be a blowout.

Arctic Thugz, formally WE JUST PUGGIN!, formally MoB gaming, has seemingly given up on the ESEA season. The New York based team has some dynamic players, but they have yet to put it all together. It is really a matter of dedication at this point.

The one thing Arctic Thugz has going for them is that it is still early. Should they decide to put it all on the line, there is plenty of Counter-Strike left to be played. And if not, hey, they can always change their name again.

EG will be looking to continue their undefeated campaign. Their terrorist side could use some tweaking as it was exploited against Sway Gaming last night. Look for them to make the necessary adjustments, and look for their unblemished record to remain intact.

Doza's prediction: EG > AT 16-6.

Player to watch: Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert - for the second night in a row.


Dynasty (1-4) vs. North Stars United (0-4)

Now, you may be thinking "why are 2 four-loss teams involved in the match of the night?" Well, I will tell you why. Because tonight is the night that NSU gets off the snide! Overall they have been playing better than their record indicates.

Aside from a lopsided loss at the hands of CompLexity, NSU has been within a few rounds of winning each of their matches. It's the little things in-game that can swing momentum; Communication, audibles, playing money smart smart. And for each of these intangibles NSU is just coming up a tad short.
Dynasty has played some close matches of their own. However, a shutdown 16-5 loss against 00 is fresh in their memory. NSU fans rejoice as:

Doza's prediction: NSU > Dynasty 16-11

Player to watch: Nick "lAlondE" Lalonde

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quote#1 US Joey- 27/05/2009 - 20:00:34
I like that player to watch on the match of the week but I would have to add xp3 in there as well.

So both of those players are to watch.


quote#2 US doza 27/05/2009 - 20:11:57
Yeah, Xp3 beasted against EG. Looks like the match has been postponed though? hmm.

quote#3 US Joey- 27/05/2009 - 20:30:38
better be for thursday biggest day out there. ;)

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