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New coL Squad in ESEA Week 3 Tonight

ESEA - Week 3 continues tonight with some fairly big matchups, including x3o's first appearance under the coL name.

Tonight, all eyes will be on the revamped CompLexity lineup, as they play under their new management for the first time. In a move that shocked many fans around the country, the Syndacite introduced the former X3O gaming as their prized Counter-Strike 1.6 squad Monday evening.

The lineup has played together for sometime, as all but dboorN were teammates in Paragon of Virtue. However, they are familiar with each other in more ways than gaming.

"We're currently staying in a townhouse here in Charlotte, NC where NineSpot/dboorN/hero live year-round. Savior and I moved in for the summer as an extended boot camp. We're currently paying rent ourselves, but coL is providing us salary which pays for rent so it's now the official coL house!" Irukandji exclaimed during an ESEA interview.

The opponent in tonight's billing features the surprising Grid05. The West coast team started the season off on a tear, led by the dominate play of Paul "Adrenaline" Baker. However, coming into tonight's match G5 has last two in a row, including a blowout at the hands of 00 Monday night. Baker will have to continue his amazing run for G5 to have a chance against the hungry - as Alex "JaX" Conroy promises - CompLexity.

The match will be played at 9:30pm EDT on de_train.

Look for some fireworks folks, as this fresh CompLexity team is going to be looking to prove that the Syndacite made the right choice.

Click here for a scoreboard of all the matches.

In what might come as a shock to some, there are other matches being played tonight as well! Evil Geniuses will take on Sway gaming at 10:30pm EDT. This should prove to be an interesting match because the community hasn't really had a chance to see what the Lurppis led EG can do on de_train. Sure, we saw EG get blown sky high at the WCG USA qualifiers, but that was with tubby. Playing on train should give EG the upper hand. It is a very AWP oriented map, as the alley's in between the trains essentially give talented AWP'ers free reign. And with fRoD on your team, you will win the AWP battle a majority of the time. With that said, however, the player to watch tonight is Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert. He's always been a player that excels with his rifle on train. In fact, he was absolutely dominant in EG's only win over X3O at the same WCG qualifiers.

Next on the bill, we have Gravitas Gaming pitted in a match-up versus North Stars United. While Gravitas has struggled a bit of late, finishing last at the WCG qualifiers and losing handily against 00 in their last ESEA outing, it has been without their captain. Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol is really the glue that holds GG together. Sure, they have amazing fraggers to act as a supporting cast, but gFN is ultimately the MVP of the GG squad. North Stars United know a thing or two about struggling themselves. Coming into tonight's match they hold an awful 0-4 record. But numbers can be deceiving. NSU has played strong of late, and with a break or two in their favor, they could be 2-2. Garrido "Xp3" David's AWP has extremely hot, and as I said  before, that can make all the difference in a map like train. This does have the ingredients for a tasty upset, but I think Shaun "hostile" Catron is going to have a monster game for GG.

Last, but not least, 00 takes on the feisty Dynasty. Like NSU, Dynasty doesn't have the greatest record. However, they have been within a few rounds of winning each of their four matches this season. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20-20, and Dynasty is 1-3. 00 benefited in their own way with the remaking of CompLexity. David "zid" Chin was picked up in a move that kind of went under the radar with all the other league activity. But zid is anything but an under the radar type of player. He has the talent to single-handedly change the score of any contest, and that is what will happen tonight. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he has a dynamic AWP too.

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