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4kings Add New TF2 Team

4KINGS.COM - After a dry spell with no Team Fortress 2 team, 4Kings have added Weapons of the Rebellion to the organization.

4kings released their former roster, who were first in Europe for some time, earlier in February of this year and have been without a team since.

They have now acquired Weapons of the Rebellion, who placed 3rd at ETF2L and fourth in the UKeSA Premiership League.

4Kings hopes to use this new team, which is a mix of many countries in Europe, for the rest of the year seeing as UkeSA, one of the bigger leagues in Europe, has the most money invested in TF2.

 “It's no secret that I have always been a keen admirer of TF2 since the game was launched, including my own days spent playing for xciteuk when the scene was first emerging,” Team manager Richard “Dr. Gonzo” Lewis said.

“4Kings have had some great names in this game and we're proud to carry on that tradition with this pick-up. WOTR have been a great name for some time now and they have the right blend of work ethic and talent. I see this team as a huge part of the 4kings jigsaw and I'm confident that together we will both go on to great things.”

New 4Kings TF2 Team:

rto “Bash” Alanko (Demo)
Stephen “daf” Stenson (Soldier)
Jaakko “Jh” Hanhivaara (Scout)
Bran “nos” Simcox (Soldier)
Murrough “Predz” O’Brien (Scout)
Sivert “Torden” Bakkeng (Medic)

Valts “Blind” Runcis (Soldier)

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