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Fallen In, Cky Out For firegamers

BRAZIL - Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo comes in to replace Olavo "cky" Napoleão for firegamers, who can no longer practice as much do to school.

KODE5 Brazil was a big surprise; Made in Brazil overtook the up and coming firegamers team, who had acquired numerous ex-MiBR players, and won the right to attend the KODE5 Finals in Moscow.

Despite what many expected, a roster change has occurred in hopes for better success; it took almost a month for it to come to fruition.

But it was not due to poor play, but instead a change in priority.  

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo comes in to replace Olavo "cky" Napoleão, who wished to spend more time on his school work.

“Cky is studying from 7 pm to 11.30 pm, he does not have time to practice,” says teammate Bruno ‘bit’ Lima.  “We already had this problem before KODE5."  

Lima is confident that Toledo will become a invaluable to the team, as he is best known for his beastly play and wicked AWP talents, even those that rival the Brazilian cogu from MIBR.

 “Fallen had been on the spotlight for a long time, he had been one of the candidates to join mibr with prd, we will now be able to practice every day during afternoons and evenings and he is a great AWP player,” Lima adds.

Firegamers hope to attend out of country LANs in Argentina and Venezuela in the next two months, as well as playing in events in Europe and America in the near future.

FireGamers roster is now:
Bruno "bit" Lima
Bruno "bruno" Ono
Renato "nak" Nakano
Lincoln "fnx" Lau
Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo

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