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Name: Daniel Camacho
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Damage Inc Management Vacation!
Damage Inc [Blog 1]

Damage Inc Management Vacation!

Well this weekend is an historic weekend for Damage Inc. First we release our site and announce our Canadian and US counter strike rosters. Secondly our management including Myself, Joey, Scot and the loved Anthony are vactioning together in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I am the first to arrive in South Carolina just arriving at hour resort The Prince which is located on Cherry Grove Beach. Still awaiting the rest of the brains I figured I would blog a little to keep you guys updated on a historic weekend for Damage Inc. We have lots to do this weekend with finally meeting the core members who drive this organization as well as releasing our site but we will have plenty of time to have some fun, and relax under the sun. Once everyone arrives I do believe we plan to head to a restaurant called Ruth's Crisp, which is sort of fancy for the first meeting betweeb management. Just receiving contact from Joey he will be here shortly and I'm sure will have plenty to talk about on his travel. Talk to you guys soon.

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