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EG.usa invited to DH summer

DREAMHACK - After several international events, EG.usa has been invited to Sweden's premier LAN, DreamHack Summer.

In the last few months, EG.usa has had it's ups and downs, from not leaving group stage ESL's  Extreme Masters Global Final and placing fifth-sixth in KODE5 USA to placing fifth-eighth at ESWC Asia Masters and ninth-sixteenth at KODE5 finals, with a domestic win in ESEA and a second place finish in CEVO Professional.

 This, along with the recent big name acquisition of Finnish all-star Tomi “lurppis”Kovanen, has increased the standing of EG.usa in the world rankings and their notability as a returning force in worldwide CS.

EG.usa has now been invited to the premier LAN in Sweden, DreamHack Summer.

This tournament will be the second time in almost three months that three former complexity players - Danny “fRoD” Montaner, Matt “Warden” Dickens and Tyler “storm” Wood - of EG.usa could potentially face SK-gaming, featuring another former complexity player Marcus “zet” Sundstorm. Also, this could be the first for Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen, who left Finland to play for EG in America, to face the up and coming Finnish team rootz, featuring his brother Niko 'nasu' Kovanen.

DreamHack Summer Team List:

SK Gaming (Sweden)
Begrip Gaming (Sweden)
Aimbat (Sweden)
r00tz (Finland)
Evil Geniuses (America)

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