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EG, x3o, more for ESEA Week 2 Tonight

ESEA - The Elite three consisting of undefeated Gravitas, EG and X30 look to continue their slaughtering of the Invite division on de_inferno.

Coming off their first win where a 10 round t side sent it into overtime Complexity really showed heart last night especially Volcano with 38 frags. I see them rolling in another victory as MOB has packed it in after a pathetic 0-3 start they blame it on “WE JUST PUGGIN HAHAHA.” Pretty sad that a team that once was very competitive would sink to such a low level that they just give up as the season has just begun. If they don’t turn things around they will most likely get moved down to main deservingly so losing twice to Main move up teams this season.

Although there record does not show it North Stars United is a very talented team as they have proven with great performances on LAN with the newly acquired players from Eg.CA.  0-3 to start the season was not what they had in planned but they were respectable losses to teams that are atop the standings so keep an eye out for NSU down the stretch. What else can I say about X30, they got there shit together. In their first three matches they not only completely outplayed their opponent but they are so much more prepared and organized thanks to their leader Irukandji, expect another strong match out of X30 on inferno.

Gravitas Gaming have proven themselves to be one of if not the best team in the invite division. Stomping every team they have been matched up against head in the water and MOB fearing to get destroyed once again surrendered a forfeit loss they may also be the hottest team in the league. They face iDemise currently 2-1 surrendering their first loss to Ruins on inferno last match. If they can correct their mistakes and capitalize on those of Gravitas they may steal the win in this match up.

The match up of the night consists of my favorite team Evil Genius battling Area 51 on inferno. EG struggled versus NSU last match so expect them to put extra time into preparation for this match up. To Area 51’s favor they have one of the best individual players in mehLer, along with LuckeyTed and james a dynamic duo playing together for multiple years. If they can lock down Banana and mehLer hold it down at A they may swipe the rug under EG giving them their first lose.

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