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WGTOUR.COM – Top teams ESC.ICY-BOX and Templars of Twilight will go head to head this weekend in what is sure to be a thrilling series for the WGT Clan League Championship.

If you spark up conversation with even the most casual follower of the foreign StarCraft scene, likely one of two teams will come up in conversation: ESC (the former MYM squad) or Templars of Twilight. These two teams are both powerhouses of the StarCraft world, housing only the finest Brood War players under their tags. And they’re going head-to-head this weekend in a surely epic clash.

Templars of Twilight won the WGTCL regular season, going 8-1 with 44 points. Their only mar on the season was against ESC, but the 2-3 loss wasn’t enough for ESC to usurp their position on top of the standings. The team is particularly a Zerg powerhouse, with players like ret, XiaOzI, Naugrim, GOsia and of course, their leader Mondragon. They have other strong players in AeriALs, ClouD and new recruit Gan as well. The depth of Templars of Twilight makes them a scary opponent for any team to face off against.

ESC on the other hand, has a balanced but powerfully deep lineup. They have one of the best non-Korean Terrans in Strelok, and he is backed up by two solid players - GhosTa and Raven. Their Zerg lineup is fearsome as well, with DinOt and Kolll leading the way. However, it is ESC’s Protoss lineup that strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents. With IefNaij, Dreiven, White-ra, Arew and Yayba, no other team can match their depth in Aiur’s faithful. Their season was equally as impressive, coming up just 3 points short of the top spot. Their only loss this season was a 2-3 slip to RoX.Kis, the Russian team, but it was avenged last weekend when ESC thrashed the Russians 4-1 in the first leg of the playoffs.


Going into the finals, Templars of Twilight are my choice to win it. They have the right counters to all of the players’ on ESC’s weaknesses. Their strong Zerg lineup only plays into the hands of ESC’s DinOt, who is considered to be one of the best ZvZ players outside of Korea, by Mondragon himself. However, if DinOt draws ret, he’s going to have worlds of trouble on his hands. Ret doesn’t ZvZ, and his TvZ is considered on the same level as DinOt’s mirror. I think that, although it will be a close match, Templars of Twilight has what it takes to take home the title.

Final call: ESC. 2-3 ToT

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