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NEW YORK, NY - The StarCraft tournament has wrapped up at the 2009 WCG USA Invitational, with Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson and David "Louder" Fells taking first and second, respectively.

The WCG USA Invitational StarCraft tournament 2009 took place in its entirety yesterday at the Samsung Experience in New York City. As it is every year the top two gamers/teams from each discipline secure bids to the National Finals in September.

The first set of games pitted Robinson against teammate Bryce "Machine" Bates and Fells against Eric "G5" Rothmuller, where both Fells and Robinson went 2-0. Fells displayed excellent unit control and decision-making in his PvP series, taking out arguably the strongest Protoss player in America walking into the match. Robinson, in the meantime, played excellently in his ZvZs against Bates, a matchup which is generally referred to as a "rock-paper-scissors" matchup. However, Robinson defeated Bates quite handily.WCG Grand Finals, 2007

After that Fells and Robinson faced off in their first best of 3.  Robinson would take game 1 against Fells, while Fells would snag game 2. However, Robinson would prove to be too strong for Fells, taking game 3 and the series, putting him at a 2-0 overall record. Meanwhile Bates and Rothmuller would play each other, in which Rothmuller would come out on top 2-1.

For the final round of group play, Fells faced off against Bates and Rothmuller played against Robinson. Robinson once again proved he was the better player and won 2-1, further extending his run to 3-0 in group play and securing a spot in the grand final of the event. Fells lost to Bates 1-2, but due to WCG's seeding system, he won the tiebreaker, which was based off of individual games. Fells' 4-4 record was better than the 3-5 records of both Bates and Rothmuller, and he moved to the grand final to play Robinson again.

In the grand final, you could tell Robinson was riding high. He easily won 2-0 over Fells, securing his WCG US Open title and $500. Fells got $250 for his efforts in addition to the bid to the National Finals. In the consolation match, Bates got his revenge on his teammate Rothmuller, and won 2-0 to secure 3rd place and a Samsung monitor as his prize.

Rothmuller and Bates will have to work through the online qualifiers if they hope to qualify for the National Final in September and join their teammates Robinson, Fells and Jake "LzGaMeR" Winstead.

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