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Louder Joins Evil Genius' StarCraft

MYEG.NET - After a strong run at the US Invitational, David "Louder" Fells has signed with Evil Geniuses StarCraft squad, making the team much deadlier.

David "Louder" Fells has signed with the Evil Geniuses StarCraft team, adding a sixth man to the North American roster. Fells, formerly of team Expertise, is most known recently for his strong run at WCG USA 2008, where he took 3rd place overall in one of the toughest pools in recent memory.

He also backed up the strong performance at this past weekend's US Invitational, where he took second overall, proving he's got the talent to keep playing.  With this acquisition, EG now bumps their roster size to 6 and adds depth to their Protoss lineup. Also, they now hold 3 spots at the WCG USA 2009 Finals tournament.

"I am very pleased to have David sign with Team EG. He is a good friend of our team and one of the most skilled Protoss users in North America,"Division Manager Lucas Bigham said.

"I'm very excited to join such a prestigious organization as EG. I will do my best to represent the team online and offline," Fells added.

Source: myEG

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quote#1 US AGar 19/05/2009 - 04:06:46
I'll go out and say this - excluding Chinese squads, this vaults EG to being in the top 3 or 4 foreign teams, behind ESC (ex-MYM), ToT and maybe RoX.

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