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The US Open StarCraft tournament will be going down tomorrow in New York City with two spots at the WCG USA National Final up for grabs along with cash prizes. The 2nd through 4th place finishers at the 2008 National Final along with the 2007 National Final's winner will be competing in the matches tomorrow.

The top contender at this weekends event is, in many minds, Eric "G5" Rothmuller, one of the recent pickups by Evil Geniuses and last year's runner up to Tyler "NonY"  Wasieleski in the National Final. Rothmuller has been playing actively and regularly since the final last year and has displayed excellent play, most recently in a clan war against fellow American team eXpertise, where he swept eXpertise Terran player Tear in straight sets. Rothmuller should be able to handle the competition with ease and punch his ticket to the National Finals.

After Rothmuller, the field somewhat levels out, but I think dark horse David "Louder" Fells, the lone non-EG representative, will take the second spot. While people gave him little chance in last year's National Final event, Fells shocked the field and played absolutely out of his mind to take a third place spot, behind Rothmuller and Wasieleski. Fells has been inactive lately, but played 3 good games against Rothmuller's teammate, Jacob "LzGaMeR" Winstead in the same clan war last weekend.

Rounding out the field are two Zerg players, Bryce "Machine" Bates and Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson (most known for his stint on WCG: Ultimate Gamer). Both are strong players in their own right, however Robinson has been fairly inactive lately, dealing with the show, and Bates has very notable weaknesses in his ZvP, which will constitute two of the three opponent matchups he would face. If he is able to overcome these, he could go far, but right now, I would say he and Robinson are probably going to have to fight through online qualifiers if they want a spot in the National Finals.

The US Open begins tomorrow morning with 10:30 AM check-in. The tournament will be a long one, but check in with Insider Esports, as I'll be keeping you updated throughout the day.

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nice preview.. even tho i saw it late

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