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ESEA Week Two Begins Tonight

ESEA - ESEA-Invite Week 2 has our best and worst ranked teams facing off on de_inferno.

The recent roster changes have played out well for iDemise, as they are currently 2-0 and second in the Invite division. They have found a five that mesh together very well and should continue their success throughout the rest of the season by taking down Ruins tonight. After a high of winning ESEA Main last season, Ruins has had trouble adjusting to the play style at the next level.  However, they lost to two very respectable teams so don’t count them out just yet. I expect tonight to be a turning point as they got their feet wet against some of the best North American teams and should be able to work out the kinks.

Once again Complexity struggles at the start of the season.  From my observations, Sunman has struggled to frag like we all know he can, bottom fragging both matches with a -17 kill death ratio vs. EG, Sunman along with the rest of the team will have to put extra time into their overall strategy if they want to get things back on the right foot.  Facing Dynasty, another struggling team, will be the perfect match for them to turn things around. Close but no cigar has been in the heads of the Dynasty players after losing (16-13) both matches on nuke. I like the energy this team brings but they need to close late in matches if they want to be successful in the Invite division. The teams they are playing have much more experience online and LAN than them so raw skill will have to guide them throughout the season.

Winless in their first two matches, MOB are matched up against undefeated Gravitas Gaming. This is not a good thing for MOB as they have been playing poorly and their counter-part Gravitas have been dominating, giving up only four rounds in their first two matches. Gravitas is the heavy favorite in this match, but MOB has been known to step up in big matches. The will need to bring it tonight or Gravitas will bury them.

After an embarrassing 16-1 loss to Gravitas, Sway Gaming bounced back with a win over MOB. However they face red hot Grid05, who won both of their matches on nuke. The deciding factor will be heller from Sway Gaming as they rely a lot of their strategies on him fraging heavily and setting the pace for the match. Inferno is a dynamic map as strategy in regards to unorthodox site stacks and pinch points whoever can not only outplay but outsmart one another will win big on this map.

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