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Damage Inc Management Vacation!
Damage Inc [Blog 1]

Damage Inc [Blog 1]

Well with the start of the ESEA and CEVO:CSS seasons Damage Inc's teams were set for a triple header last night. Starting off was the newly formed DINC.CSS roster holding some great players. Picking up a not so good roster sitting out 0-4 the team knew they had to pick up and change things around. DINC.CSS played against FRAGout for CEVO main on de_nuke. DINC started on t side and quickly fell victims to lack of practice and preparation. Losing first half 11-4 they had their work cut out for them ct side. Well they knew what they had to do but failed the first 2 rounds losing them to FRAGout which put the score at 13-4 in favor of FRAGout, this deficit was not impossible to change but would surely need a moment swing. Going into a economy round aTTi, and daN pushed the ramp room grabbing 4 kills total leaving the round 5v1, with the last FRAGout player falling to a shot from moRRow. This was the momentum swing they needed winning out up into the 13 round where they lost putting score at 15-14 in favor of Damage Inc. Starting of the final round daN_NY quickly set up on outside and was able to take down 2 with nice awp shots. Trading shots in lobby morrow, and ins fell to FRAGout. Leaving the match in a 3v3 set up, scot was able to come off and pull a 3 kill round to win the match for Damage Inc CSS.

The Second match was DINC.CSL the female 1.6 squad for damage Inc who sits undefeated in esl open playoffs. This match was the first match of ESEA s3. DINC.CSL squared off a decent dread roster. DINC.CSL < Dread 3 - 16

The Third and final match squared DINC.CS vs The Face for ESEA Main week 1:1. The newly aqquired roster was ready to show off what they got to the dinc community. Going into the match with a little bit of a roster shake they came away with a victory over The Face 16 - 14.

With last nights excitement we can hide the rest of the organization, we are finishing up working out contracts with our hopefully soon to be Canadian CS line up. As well as our CEVO Professional DotA team is in playoffs. Our website will be released shortly so please come help and support us @ www.DINCGaming.com or on irc @ #DINC

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quote#1 US aGent^ 16/05/2009 - 18:06:00
I look forward to this, partially because I am working on the website :)

quote#2 US obamamama 17/05/2009 - 23:47:21
good luck =]

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