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ESEA Week One Continues Tonight

ESEA - ESEA-Invite Week one continues tonight as we see some new faces in the invite league it will be interesting to see who can compete with the elites.

Mob faces off against Sway Gaming on de_nuke tonight. The Canadians after a disappointing finish last season and losing there sponsor hope to gain their pride back under new sponsorship. MOB played well all last season but fell short in the playoffs. They expect nothing but continual success this season.

Two new teams in the invite division battle as Dynasty and Grid05 come out guns blazing trying to get there season started on the right foot. Dynasty already (0-1) can still hang their heads high as they lost to X30 16-13. They held with them the whole match and let it slip away at the end so expect their confidence to be high on nuke. Grid05 did very well in main and continuing that success in the invite division will be a hard feat to do so let’s see how it plays out as we learn who Grid05 really is.

After a nail biter with Dynasty X30 faces the Main champs from last season, expect this one to be a very good match and an early challenge for Irukandji and company. Losing to EG 16-13 Ruins hopes to correct their mistakes and use their dynamic teamwork as they displayed against EG tonight and get the “W”.

Impressive play on LAN with 2nd place finish at ETS and LANapalooza North Stars United need to bring this game play to online competition after a very disappointing record last season. New season and clean slate this team will win tonight if they have there “A” game. iDemise once again mixes up their roster not getting the success they feel they are capable of will be tested tonight on a heavily favored ct sided map. Whichever team has a stronger t side will be the deciding factor in who wins this match up.

Complexity not playing up to expectations on lan or online need to start this season off right and pull together as a team. Being they are a newer team about a year of playing together competing online and lan the teamwork should be there now and with Jason running the show they will be ready for the Main move up team. Grid05 has a double header there first two matches in the Invite division. Let’s hope the transition has made them more confident as a whole and be able to elevate their game to the next level.

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