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ESEA Invite Season 3

ESEA - ESEA Invite Season 3 begins tonight with Evil Geniuses, CompLexity, and iDemise all returning.

ESEA Invite begins tonight with four returners and two noobies for the division.

Evil Geniuses will face off against Ruins tonight.  EG needs no introduction, of course, as they are the Season 2 winners and have been competing internationally recently.

  They did not perform well against the Europeans and Asians, however, exiting fairly early in both tournaments.  However, the experience will likely have helped them.  Ruins is a newcomer to ESEA Invite after a successful Main run, but except them to have some trouble against one of the best in North America.

CompLexity will face off against Grid05 tonight. CompLexity was mediocore last season, not really dominating the competition but certainly not doing bad.  They made playoffs, but that wasn't enough.  They could easily pick it up this season, however.  Grid05 is WilsoN and Adrenaline and a few other guys, but they should perform well enough against coL.  The match is still unconfirmed from Grid05's part, but it should happen tonight.

The other match is iDemise vs. NSU.  Both are returning teams, but NSU did struggle quite a lot, missing the playoffs last season. They have a slightly different roster after adding some of the EG.ca guys, so they might perform better this season.  iDemise did fairly well last season and will be looking to repeat their success.

The matches tonight are on de_nuke.

The scores, times, and HLTV information can be found here.

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