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4Kings Adds Einbazen

4KINGS - 4Kings have added former fnatic and LowLandLions team Einbazen.

4King’s have announced the acquisition of former fnatic/LowLandLions stars Einbazen. After there unsuccessful attempt to rejoin the ranks of Fnatic, it was only a matter of time before the big teams came knocking.

"Obviously we’re very proud at 4Kings to announce the addition of this squad to our banner. They have a proven track record of competing with the best teams in the world and we are sure that their joining us will bring great things for everyone involved," said Richard “Dr. Gonzo” Lewis, team manager. "It may seem something of a departure for 4Kings, an organisation with a history of championing and developing the best talent in the UK, however I believe this is the right move for us. Currently we don’t believe that a UK team in this particular field of eSports can offer us the stability we would expect and we know that with a group of players such as Eindbazen they are capable of delivering on that as well as the results. Having known the players for some time I’m really excited at the prospect of working with them for the first time in my managerial career and I’m really confident about what the future will bring."

"We're really happy that we have a roof over our head again. Because of the past we've been having some trust issues with organisations so we were hesitating alot on which organisation we had to pick but we're convinced 4Kings is the right choice for us," said Milan "xertion" Veeger. "As most of you (probably) already know is that we have been practicing with our new addition 'kajsk1ng' for a few days now. Unfortunately Rutger 'ylSs' Smeding did not have enough time for our practice schedule anymore. He will be spending more time with his girlfriend and his baby which is good for them. We want to thank Rutger for everything, He is a great player and we had an awesome time with him. And please give a warm welcome to kajsk1ng!"

Now that Eindbazen have financial backing they will be able to attend the major events over the summer - most importantly Outpost on Fire & The eXperience.dk - it’s set to be a very exciting summer.

Eindbazen lineup:

 Mark "AirRaid" Koks
 Luuk "darky" Verink
 Kaj "kajsk1ng" van Staalduinen
 Sandor "proph" de Munck
 Milan "xertion" Veeger

Source: 4Kings

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