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Back2Back Fnatic Tournament Wins

KODE5 - In the less that the span of two weeks, fnatic takes two top place finishes over their Swedish brethren SK Gaming.

First, in ESWC master of Cheneon,Korea, fnatic took the top prize of $20,000 over their rivals SK Gaming in the grand finals.  A great surprise, mTw, went out in the first round and the only American team, EG.usa, also left in the first round.

The third place finish was by mousesports who didn't even qualify for the finals of Extreme Master after disappointing play at EM European Finals and in fourth we had the extremely surprising team from Norway, Alchemists.

Only a few days after their big win in Cheneon, Fnatic also took a victory at the KODE5 Global Finals. Once again they faced SK in the finals and again they take the best of three series 2–0.

In the Consolation Finals, between mTw and the recently acquired ex-MYM lineup, Wicked Gaming, Wicked took the win.

Final Standings for ESWC Masters of Asia:

1.  fnatic - $20,000
2.  SK Gaming - $7,000
3.  mousesports - $3,000
4.  Alchemists
5-8.  mTw
5-8.  WeMade FOX
5-8.  TitaNs
5-8.  Evil Geniuses

Full standings for KODE5 below:

1.  fnatic - $25,000
2.  SK Gaming - $10,000
3.  WICKED - $5,000
4.  mTw
5-8.  emulate
5-8.  wNv.GM
5-8.  Made in Brazil
5-8.  Alternate
9-16.  DTS.chatrix
9-16.  k1ck
9-16.  mousesports
9-16.  Artyk
9-16.  Evil Geniuses
9-16.  ENTITY
9-16.  Immunity
9-16.  TeG

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