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Syckness, Hubris out; Paladin,. Hell in for coL.tf2

CEVO - After lackluster performances in the finals of both ESEAI and CEVO Professional CompLexity makes some surprising roster changes to their Team Fortress 2 team.

After losing in the Best of 3 finals in both ESEA Invite and CEVO Professional, Complexity has made roster changes in an attempt to have better success in future seasons.

Two replaced members are Ryan "sycknesS" Mitchell and Eric "hubris" Dean; both have been known for their strong play during their tenure and being extremely versatile. Ryan "Paladin" Foley and Andrew "Hell" Tran are both well known and hope to fit into the team well in the future.

This comes shortly after the release of star medic TheFragile, who was released due to lack of adaptability and lack of motivation; the same two reasons that syckness and hubris have been replaced.

 Also, Tim "dummy" Olson will no longer be a starter.

Manager of gaming divisions, Alex Conroy, CDO said that,

“The core of this TF2 team has been the best since their inception. Unfortunately, the results this year, while very strong, were less then they are capable of. The team has been winning for so long, that some players seemed unwilling to adapt to the heighten level of competition in the pro TF2 scene With this said, we have chosen to release hubris and sycknesS, bringing in some fresh talent to reinvigorate this championship squad,” and to adress any accusations that the new lineup with be inconsistent “we trust the opinion of our team captains and made all releases this season with the coL Community in mind. Our fans expect a championship squad, and this lineup is truly capable of delivering on those expectations.”

Finally, new member Ryan "Paladin" Foley had this to say.

”I'm really excited to be a part of the coL organization; they have been at the top of the e-sports scene since they came into existence. Their TF2 division has been the undisputed best team in TF2 since it came out and I just look forward to doing my part to keep that tradition intact.”

The updated compLexity's TF2 team is:
 Sam "oPlaiD" Lingle
 Ryan "Paladin" Foley
 Brad "pyyyour" Ross
 Dan "REP" Nunez
 Adam "Reptile" Dopko
 Andrew "Hell" Tran
 Paul "newby-" Turner (Backup)
 Tim "dummy" Olson (Backup)

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