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eSports International Week 4

ESPORTS INTERNATIONAL – Week 4 Action concludes cleanly, but a swap of teams is at hand.

The fourth week of Esports International's second season had a few great matches in store for everyone. Top teams ESC.ICY-BOX and Templars of Twilight would be facing off, and Los Reyes del Mambo would be challenging FnaticMSI, trying to become the first clan to topple the Chinese powerhouse. Also, the other 6 teams would be facing off.

Things kicked off with FnaticMSI and Los Reyes del Mambo squaring off, and boy was it ugly. FnaticMSI came 2 games away from a clean sweep, with only Fenix being able to take his set cleanly off of Never. Aside from that, the matches weren't even remotely close, with all the remaining Fnatic players sweeping their sets, giving Fnatic a 5-1 victory and putting them at a 4-0 record with 19 points, 4 points ahead of the 2nd place tie between Templars of Twilight and ESC.ICY-BOX.

Speaking of those two teams, they squared off head-to-head this past weekend as well. With both teams putting forth their A-teams, the sparks would surely fly. Sadly, the match has yet to be decided, with it stuck at a 2-2 decision. Naugrim and Dreiven have yet to play their match out, which was postponed, and White-Ra's match was postponed while he returned from the ESWC Masters in Korea. With the score in a deadlock, these two matches will make all the difference in deciding if the series goes to an ace match or not.

Also this week, eXpertise faced off against Sky.Gaming. In what looked to be like the normal match from eXpertise, they opened up strong, opening up 3-2. However, the postponed match between Lulu and Tear tied things up, and Sky.Gaming was able to come away victorious in the ace match, picking up their second win of the season.

Wrapping up the week, mTw 360º Gaming showed just how scary they can be against osR, dominating the Chilean team 5-0 with one match left to be played. At this point, KiLLeR can only hope to secure the dignity for osR, preventing a clean sweep if he can beat mTw's kAra. Finally this week, Polish team ZZZ (It stands for these three Polish words that are a pain to try and type out) also flexed their StarCraft muscle, sweeping LzH clear off the table. The highlight of the match was a MistrZZZ sighting, who hasn't been spotted playing much StarCraft for some time now.

The news story of the week is that Lzuruha, the season 1 runners up, will be withdrawing from the league, citing management issues. In their stead, Swedish team BW- will be replacing them, and beginning to play out makeup matches from the previous 4 weeks.

Looking ahead to week 5, we'll see some potentially exciting matches, with mTw facing off against FnaticMSI and Templars of Twilight greeting team BW- to the league.

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