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VeryGames Win LAN 79

LAN79 – VeryGames have defeated Reason Gaming at LAN79 to reclaim the title for the 2nd year running. 

This marks their fifth consecutive LAN event win.

The event was no stranger to the big named teams either, with Alternate, Crack Clan, Dignitas, 4Kings and forZe present, to name a few.

Most surprisingly of all, however, was how the majority of those teams came up short in the event, most noticeably Team Dignitas, who carry on their dismal LAN record, they are certainly not the same team that dominated Europe nine months ago.

Instead, it is the mighty VeryGames who dominated the occasion. They did not lose a single game throughout the event. 

The team definitely harks back memories of the same domination we saw of the former Fnatic squad throughout 2006 and 2007.

One of the most exciting games though came not from the finals, but an earlier upper bracket game, between Alternate aTTaX vs Crack Clan on de_nuke.

Crack clan were down 14-1 when they switched to Counter Terrorist, but astonishingly they managed to bounce back from this deficit and absolutely demolish aTTaX, taking an astonishing 15 rounds in a row to win the game 16-14.
The biggest disappointment of the tournament was the new look FM! Toxic, being ranked in the top 10 of Europe you would have expected them to go far, but it was not to be. After being knocked out of the 2nd round in the upper bracket by redLine. They dismally failed to get past the 3rd stage of the lower bracket, being eliminated by a local mix team, cyberlegends.

But in the end, it was only about two teams – Reason Gaming and VeryGames – with Reason knocked down to the lower bracket, after losing in overtime to VeryGames.

They quickly took care of redLine, defeating them 16-9.

Knowing that they would have to win the first map against VeryGames to stand any chance of winning the event, Reason knew they had a huge mountain to climb.

They trundled their way back to the main stage where they would face off on de_tuscan.

The final was a bit disappointing to say the least, the crowd and spectators were expecting an incredible game, with the hope that Reason would mount a massive comeback and display more insane shots and game play by the likes of PhP & GuardiaN.

But it was not to be; Verygames took apart Reason all too quickly, and it seemed that there was just nothing Reason could do about it. The game ended a somewhat disheartening 16-5 to VeryGames.

1 - Verygames
2 - Reason Gaming
3 - redLine
4 - Crack Clan
5/6 - dignitas
5/6 - 4Kings
7/8 - forZe
7/8 - Alternate aTTaX

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