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INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael "peawok" Fleming talks about how May is a major time for eSports.

Historically for Counter Strike, the Summer months have been filled with tournaments and major events.  Years ago, it was October-December (CPL Winter, WCG, Dreamhack) and May through July (ESWC, CPL Summer, WCG Qualifiers, Dreamhack events, WEG, and others) as the perfect time for major eSport events, as far as Counter Strike goes.

Even with the whole "economic crisis", eSports events thrive on the seasonal changes of everyday life.

Of course Summer is a big time for events, not just the big ones.  Young men - and women too, if any really do exist in Counter Strike - can stay up unto the wee hours of the night watching some American or European team halfway across the world in Korea or China dominate through the competition to win or place well in a event (coL at WEG, as an example).

As much as people think the economic crisis will kill eSports, I think it has certainly changed the scene.  But if you look at the number of events we have this Summer and into late Fall, I think that you will be rather excited.

I compiled a list for you:

ESWC Masters (May 2 - May 5)

KODE5 Grand Finals (May 9 - May 10)

DTS Cup 2009 (May 16 - May 17)

Dreamhack Summer (June 13 - June 16)

Gamegune 2009 (July 23 - July 26)

E-Stars Seoul (July 24 - July 26)

ESEA Season 3 Playoffs (POSSIBLY: July 31 - August 1)

WCG Grand Final (November 11 - November 15)

Dreamhack Winter (November 26 - November 29)


There are certainly a number of events for the Summer and going into Winter, but I can just tell you all that I am excited, and too not worry too much about the entire economic crisis.  Sure, we might lose an event, but this is a preliminary list; there are bound to be more events sprining up, whether they get the same level of coverage or not.

May looks to be a great month, with coverage galore and events around the world.  The best players will certainly be busy moving to and fro, but expect some amazing matches with everyone looking to break into the green for a rather poor year, economically. 

So, while this economic crisis might have cut our tournaments down and our teams to very little in profits, or you may think we have nothing to look forward to, I ask you to look at how many events we have and really ask yourself "Is eSports dead?"

I hope you think 'no'.

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quote#1 US TheUltimateGamer31 03/05/2009 - 18:58:08
I dont think eSports is dying, its just showing new life. So to speak....

quote#2 US Scott- 04/05/2009 - 14:28:27
Originally posted by US TheUltimateGamer31I dont think eSports is dying, its just showing new life. So to speak....

I guess id have to agree...

quote#3 US Ghost 05/05/2009 - 07:56:12
Yeah, a lot of great events coming up for sure. I just wish there were more css events. The CSS scene is recovering quite so compared to how it was before CGS when there was still big LANs.

quote#4 US ijaD 06/05/2009 - 17:17:34
Yea, it should be an awsome spring into summer! Cant wait for it :]

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