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EG.ca released; Shaguar to EG

EVIL GENIUSES - After lack luster results in both CEVO, ESEA, and on LAN EG.ca has been released from their parent organization.

EG, a founded Canadian team, has seen many changes in its organization in the past months; picking up the former coL CS lineup – later adding lurpis – picking up a Starcraft, Warcraft, and finally, acquiring the whole of Sway Gaming, finalized late last month, after acquiring both their CS – which became EG.CA – early in the year and their TF2 team late last month.

EG.CA, which had great success in CEVO during their time as Sway Gaming, was seen as a shoe in to be the next Canadian team, but once acquired by EG, their results faltered; just barely getting into the CEVO Professional playoffs, and not qualifying for ESEA's playoffs, placing second to last in the season, and couldn't place top three at ETS LAN earlier this year.

So, after only five months into the year, the whole of EG.ca has been released, and will now play under their former name; Sway Gaming.

"We of course still value, appreciate, and respect the Canadian Counter-Strike community. It's in our blood; Canadian CS is the foundation of the history of Team Evil Geniuses, and that will never be forgotten."  

Alex Garfield explained: “However, we just feel that at this point, keeping the new team we've had over the past several months was not the best way to reach out and represent the Canadian community. So, we've decided to - for the first time in over five years - not have an active Canadian Counter-Strike division. This is not a permanent move, and I want to assure everyone in the North American community that there will be an EG.ca Counter-Strike lineup again in the future, but for now it was the right move for our organization."

The sentiment was echoed even by EG.CA players like Nicolas "chosen" Lalonde, who states that: “We weren't on the same page, and things weren't working. As far as EG as an organization, I really enjoyed the experience and I completely understand the decision. I want to say thanks to EG for the good ride and the loyalty."

"I feel it is an appropriate decision for us to step down. EG deserves nothing but the best, and I don't feel we can properly represent the organization at this point in time,” Matt "adr" Caverly added.

However, unlike with Sway's original CS acquisition, former manager Ian "FuzzyHat" Olson will not follow the team, and instead remain with the EG organization to manage the newly acquired TF2 team.

“I wish my old players luck, but I've decided to stay with EG, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to remain on board. I'm excited to keep moving forward with the organization, as I think we really have something special going."

However it is not all bad news as Griffin "shaGuar" Benger will be rejoining the EG family in the very near future.

He will be a blogger, writer, and commentator for EG's new website.

"I'm extremely excited to be back with the EG family," he wrote on the EG website. "Some of my most cherished memories, gaming or otherwise, have come with this organization and I can't wait to contribute to the myEG.net community!"

The EG organization added that they still care about Canada and will make a comeback at a later date.

 “With shaGuar's return to EG, the organization will continue to remain passionately committed to the Canadian community until EG.ca Counter-Strike returns to active status.”

Former EG.CA lineup:
Matt “adr” Caverly
Dave "heller" Marentette
Ryan "ryennn" Chen
Nick "chosen" Lalonde  
Halston "Tekn1kal" Bellintani

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