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EG.usa wins ESEA Invite

ESEA - After losing to x3o in the CEVO Professional Finals, EG.usa redeem themselves in ESEA Invite Finals.

In CEVO Professional – right after their addition of lurppis to the lineup – EG.usa went through the upper bracket, dominating every team they met, only to be defeated by first-seeded x3o in the Finals, in almost an embarrassing best of  3 (16–2, 16–13) match.

EG.usa sought revenge however, and did so in great fashion, as well as great haste in ESEA Invite.

In the Lower Bracket Finals, they completely demolished iDemise 16-5, where fRoD went 23–8 (+15) and kept the season's statistical leader, hazard, at the bottom of the stats with hazard going -10 in an 8–18 performance.  

With that win, they gained access to the bigger foe; x3o in a familiar online championship title match.

In the first map, de_inferno, EG.usa turned it around from their last performance (16–5 in CEVO-P) to win the map 16–12 with n0thing scoring an impressive 27 kills to only 20 deaths (+7) and fRoD keeping close behind with a 23–17 (+6) score.

On the other side x3o couldn't keep it up, with irukanji going –10 (14-24) and their best player, hero, only going +1 (21 – 20).

The second map, de_nuke was the same song, as the first with fRoD just going insane with an amazing 34 frags to only 18 deaths (+16) and storm seemed to be back into his play style, going 20 – 18(+2) .

However x3o had a better game as well, noobert went +8 (27 – 19) and hero went +7 (27 – 20) but it still wasn't enough for the strong EG.usa team who took the match in a much tighter 16–14 win.

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