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Ex-MYM Joins WICKED eSports

WICKED - After a while without a sponsor, the top Polish team ex-MYM finally decided on a sponsor; WICKED eSports.

MYM's prestigious former CS, after almost two months without a sponsor, finally accepts an offer from WICKED eSports, only after rejecting an offer from Crack Clan,which has recently released their Finnish CS team.

MYM is best known for their back-to-back ESWC victories.

The CS team was released from MYM after MYM's parent company, ESNation, collapsed less than two months ago.

Wiktor ‘TaZ’ Wojtas, a player for WICKED, had this to say:

 “So here we are.. After delightful two months without home, we decided to join our forces with WICKED. I truly believe that it’s a very beginning of a great cooperation and new era for our Counter-Strike team. The hunger is back, form is in the right place, we are back to do some serious damage. After a not bad start 2009 we believe that we can bring WICKED name very high in CS ranking ladder. Stay tuned guys… for a WICKED year!!”

Lineup Wicked.cs:
Jakub ‘kuben’ Gurczyński
Filip ‘Neo’ Kubski
Wiktor ‘TaZ’ Wojtas
Mariusz ‘Loord’ Cybulski
Łukasz ‘LUq’ Wnęk

Team Manager: Ronnie ‘TwaizZ’ Jelsbak

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