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Fnatic Adds CS:S Team

FNATIC -  The Fnatic Organization has now officially announced that former MoD from Denmark will represent them throughout the next six months.

The announcement comes days after MoD defeated Fnatic’s former star studded line-up and ex-LowLandLions squad, Eindbazen.  

Although MoD had already technically won the Fnatic game idol tournament – a defeating the likes of ‘4Kings’ and ‘czech it out’ on their way to glory – they must have felt they had proven themselves enough to play under the Fnatic brand.

But the community and more importantly the organization felt different, and thus a show match between the two teams entailed.

Ironically, “Eindbazen” - meaning "Final Boss" - seemed a fitting name going into the final match of a long, grueling tournament for MoD.

The final between the two teams was played in a BO3 format, with MoD defeating Eindbazen two maps to one.


Written by Dan Walton.

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quote#1 US peawok 02/05/2009 - 13:37:02
Hopefully they do something with the team; I haven't seen coL doing anything with their challenge.

Fnatic and Source in Europe though are huge... should see them doing a lot of stuff out there.

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