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The New Valve CS Update

INSIDER ESPORTS - David Kim talks about the new Counter Strike update.

By David “tehkorean” Kim

On April 20, I came back from school turned on my crappy 2005 Dell PC and started up Steam. I saw that Counter Strike finally had received an update, and I was certainly excited to see if they fixed some of the bugs that have been in the game for years.  Of course, apprehension was there too, as they have royally fu….up our game before.

My hopes and excitement were quickly destroyed and hurt as I read what the update was about: “Prevent Russian Walking Exploit.”  It has never bothered me in game – just become more of a thing of the day – and I was worried what they might have done to “fix” it.

I should probably talk about “Russian Walking” for people outside Counter Strike.

In a summary, the fixing of the Russian Walking Exploit means that every time when a player jumps in the game it makes a sound. Any Counter Strike player knows that sound plays an important role in scrims or matches. Sound allows us to hear incoming players and ambush them, sound gives players the ability to analyze their surroundings, sound makes the game sound cool… and so on…

The main problem is that with the new update it makes unique strategies and boosts practically impossible in the game now. The countless minutes and hours that competitive Counter Strike teams have put into making new boosts or strategies will now all be for naught because of this new update; What’s even worse is that it seems Valve will do absolutely nothing about it.

“April 22, 2009 4:09 pm - Valve - Product Update

It has come to our attention that a small amount of players are unhappy with recent updates to the Half-Life Counter-Strike updates that were released on April 20, 2009. Future threads on the Steam Powered forums about this update may result in a ban. The update was pushed to resolve the exploit known as the "Russian Walking" exploit and will not be undone. The Valve team has reviewed the updates and concluded that no further action is to be taken on this issue. The Valve team will continue to support the Half-Life Counter-Strike community in the future and has plans to continue to improve the game as more exploits are brought to our attention. Thank you.”

Many gamers were furious at this response as Valve has yet to fix bugs that have been plaguing Counter Strike players for years such as flying models or when the buy zone disappears.

An organized list can be found here http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=845249)

I should note that there was a similar response to an update when the AWP delay became part of the game. Every Counter Strike player flamed, complained, made petitions, and basically gave Valve their opinion on this update.

However, nothing happened from Valve’s end.

For now it seems like a hopeless situation for players who want the Russian Walking exploit to be updated so that it doesn’t make the jump noise. The response that Valve has given and the fact that during the AWP delay update the complaints of the community were not answered are clear examples of reasons why it will not be fixed.

It seems be that the Russian Walking fix will be here to stay indefinitely.

So we must all be asking what does this mean for competitive Counter Strike?

Well, in a good way teams will have to work even harder to create new strategies and ways to gain an edge against their opposition.

However, in a bad way the countless years Counter Strike teams have spent creating new strategies and tactics will become a thing of the past. Professional teams such as Evil Geniuses, SK, Fnatic, and others will also most likely be going through a period of learning and acceptance.

The thing that scares me the most is that competitive Counter Strike might face a slump because of this new update and it also angers me that Valve seems to not listen to its own community as well.

However, with time I’ll admit that people will get used to it and will deal with the new update.

My parting words to the 1.6 players is that change always happens and that sometimes the change is something that we as gamers do not prefer or enjoy. I say keep up a hopeful face and just keep on playing the game you love because it’s better to keep on playing than to just flame the steam forums day and night.

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