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x3o Wins CEVO Professional

CEVO - After a dominating two games, x3o wins it all in the best of 3 series.

x3o, who was defeated in the second round by EG.usa, was the favorite to win it all, as the organization was for most events in recent memory. However their chances were almost curbed by the new EG.usa.

EG.usa were true dark horses – as they had very little practice time with their new Finnish fifth lurppis – and surprised most of America when they glided into the championship with wins over EG.ca 16–5, x3o 16–10 and Delta Elite Force 16-2.

x3o found themselves in a odd situation; in the loser bracket round 1, but their practice paid off as they were able to claw their way back into the championship game over teams like Pandemic, who they sent packing 16–7, rivals Gravitas Gaming 16–15, and finally stomping Delta Elite Force 16–1.  

x3o, with momentum on their sides, came back and completely annihilated their opponents EG.usa.

The first map, inferno, they beat them 16–2, and on the second map they were about to do the same if EG.usa didn't catch their second wind, which wasn’t enough to beat the rejuvenated x3o, who took the game 16–13 and the series.

Lurppis, despite his team’s dismal performance in both matches, went +2 on the first map and +2 on the second map, showing that he can carry his weight, even when the rest of his team is falling to the way side.  

On the other side the entire x3o, who also had a roster change prior to the playoffs, the entire lineup went positive, and savior put it best by saying “my team's good,” when asked why he lead in frags in the first game.

Final Results:

1st - X3O ($3,750.00)
2nd - EG.usa ($2,625.00)
3rd - Delta Elite Force ($1,125.00)
4th - Gravitas Gaming
5th/6th - EG.ca
5th/6th - Pandemic

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