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BOE Season 1 Announced

BOE - Built on Energy has announced Season 1, as well as other things they are planning.

The new league Built on Energy has announced Season 1 - their inaugural season - after several tournaments.

They have not announced any prizes at this time, but they have confirmed that they are looking into prizes for the Main and Invite divisions. The league will feature both Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Source for their first season.

They also released two images of their anticheat and pug system client; it is expected to be completed before Season 1.

The release is below.


First off I would like to welcome everyone to the inaugural season for Built On Energy. We would like to thank all who have participated in the tournaments for the various divisions and we look forward to a special season here at BOE.


Registration for Season One is now open for both Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source. Registration will be open until May 16th (3 Weeks.) On May 16th registration will close, and your team will not be able to enter season 1.  No exceptions will be made, regardless of your excuse.  The following week after registration pre-season matches will be handed out.


How to Register a BOE account:

All players will need to create a personal BOE account to sign up for teams and events. If you do not have an account, click register at the to left of your page, and follow the instructions.


 Team Leaders:

The Team Leader, or Manager, is responsible for registering their team for the event.  To create a team, simply go to your "User Options" and under "Account Management Options" click "In Game Handles".  Simply create a game handle that applies to your game.  After your in game handle is successfully created, a "Create a Team" option will now appear under your options menu.


Team Players:

Once the team is created/registered for the event, each team member may join the roster by logging into their personal user account on the website, and applying for the team, or having the manager send out team invites to the corresponding users.  To send an invite have the leader view your profile and under your in game handles click "Invite Me."


League Fees & Prizes:

During season 1 every division in the league is going to be free. We will also be incorpating pay-to-play tournaments in the off season for a chance to win some good cash. This way you the "users" get best of both worlds here at BOE.  Also, we're looking to add prizes for those in Main and Invite, for each game.


Participation Requirements:

After your team has been successfully created, you must have at least FIVE (5) active roster members to be able to participate in the season. If at any point your team drops below 5 roster members after the team has been signed up to participate, you will be placed as “Pending 5” and will be unable to participate. If registrations are still open you may add the needed roster members to be listed as “5 Active” and take part within the season.

To sign your team up for BOE-Open for season 1 follow the links below.

Counter Strike: 1.6 - http://www.builtonenergy.com/tournament/cs16_season_1_open

Counter Strike: Source - http://www.builtonenergy.com/tournament/css_season_1_open


League Divisions:

Counter Strike: 1.6 and Counter Strike: Source will both feature BOE-Open, BOE-Intermediate, BOE-Main and BOE-Invite.


Current CS:S Placement Teams:

All teams still participating in the placement tournament will be placed in their correct division once the tournament is over. The teams who have been knocked-out of the placement tournament but still have five active roster members will automatically be placed in their corresponding division as well.


Division Applications:

If you feel your team deserves a spot out of open and want a chance to play in a higher division you may send in an application.  To send an application you must have at least 5 players on your roster. Teams without five players will NOT be considered for advanced placement.  Season 1 team placements for Counter-strike: 1.6 will be entirely based off applications.  Most teams in Counter Strike: Source have earned their spot from the placement tournament. However, since we feel some top teams may have not heard of BOE yet or registered for the placement tournament intime, we are accepting many applications for CSS aswell.

The divisions for both, 1.6 and CSS will consist of.

14 Invite Teams.

38 Main Teams.

74 Intermediate Teams.

NOTE: Numbers may change depending on the number of teams and applications we receive.


Matches Per Week for all Games:

BOE-Open - 1 Match / per week. ( 8 weeks overall regular season. )

BOE-Intermediate - 2 Matches / per week. ( 8 weeks overall regular season. )

BOE-Main - 2 Matches / per week. ( 8 weeks overall regular season. )

BOE-Invite - 2 Matches / per week. ( 8 weeks overall regular season. )


Maps and Schedule:

We took notice and came to realize there needed to be a more efficient way to see the map schedule and roster locks/unlocks. Therefore we added a schedule to the top of each game page.  You will be able to view two weeks at a time for each specific division.


Updates / Misc:

I would like to start off with announcing our biggest project.  BOE has currently been working on a new client to suit our future needs.  The client will possess many updated features and be the client you will come to know and love.  The client will be released prior to season 1, and if your interested you may view some screenshots below.

Note the screenshots are just design images from step 1 and are not the coded product.




Secondly, we have been working on our "Token System".  The token system will be used to purchase Energy Tokens.  Tokens will allow you to buy an Energized Account which will allow you to play pugs in the future.  You will also use tokens to enter pay to play tournaments or any paying event.

BOE is also proud to announce its first GUI for Counter-Strike:Source.  The GUI was constructed by Focus on Team-AIP.   The GUI may be downloaded from the link below or from the media files.  I hope you guys enjoy it!

Download Link:


Along with the new brand new GUI for Counter-Strike: Source - we've updated the Server Configurations for Counter-Strike: Source. It's required for all matches, although the updates are minor, and it's to be used in anything related to Built on Energy.

Division Placement Applications:

Applications for divisions such as Intermediate, Main and Invite will be up shortly. We're currently working out the flaws and making sure everything is ready to go. There will be a news post when this is currently available. The ETA for this will be within a couple of hours.


Future Plans:

Built On Energy is excited to announce that during season 1 we will be constantly updating and adding new features.  We will be adding a full indepth pug system for CS/CS:S and more games for season 2.  Along with the pug mods will come online stats and custom servers for BOE.  Of course we will keep you updated and ask for your opinion on many things a long the way.

BOE Support:

For any assistance regarding the season contact BOE Support.  We are available on irc at #boesupport or ventrilo at boe.maxfrag.net ; 3789

 We’re looking forward to an exciting season. Remember to check our website regularly for current registration and event updates.

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quote#1 US Ghost 27/04/2009 - 07:50:26
So basically they're trying to become ESEA.

quote#2 CA exaN 28/04/2009 - 07:40:04
Originally posted by US GhostSo basically they're trying to become ESEA.

yeah but with 10x less budget

quote#3 US Scott- 29/04/2009 - 21:00:31
Exan guesssed it.

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