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CompLexity Wins CEVO Main

CEVO - CompLexity takes down NSU to win CEVO Main.

The final map, after a few nights of no play due to errors, lag, and other miscellaneous happenings, was played on de_inferno, what most would consider CT sided.

Complexity started on Terrorist side. They start strong first round, and sunman dominated the first round with three kills and continued to play well for the the next two save rounds. However, when gun rounds started, he took a backseat as Zid went off, finishing the half 18–5, +13 overall, with a team score of 10–5 for the half.  That's very impressive on the Terrorist side of nuke.

On the other side, the NSU squad looked extremely poor, with only one player going positive; xp3 going +2.

On the Counter Terrorist side, Complexity continued their momentum with an extremely impressive performance by volcano, who in the first five rounds went 19–0 and finished the half 19–2, or +17 overall. The fragging problems also continued for NSU, with none of their players being able to answer Complexity's dominating play, and even the french all star, xp3, unable to go positive during the half.

Zid felt that “things went my way... [I just] put myself in good positions.”

“[Volcano] hit his shots and played aggressive... NSU weren't ready for it.” He added.

“It was a weird final we a lot of problems,” xp3 said.  “Ping, steam bugs... we started playing monday and finished thursday.”

“Complexity played really well, so they deserve it.”

CompLexity will now move in to the CEVO Placement Tournament where they will have a chance to play in CEVO Professional.

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