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KODE5 Finals Update

KODE5 - Two more teams have qualified for the KODE5 Finals in Moscow, completing the team list.

After a long series of qualifiers for the KODE5 Finals in Moscow, the teams have been determined for the event.

One was in Spain, where mTw were just too strong for Mousesports. In their own native Germany, Team ALTERNATE seems to be catching their stride this year, again surprising most of the CS world with a victory over Mousesports.

The Mouz team, however, didn't lose any faith, and finally qualified at one of the last qualifiers; KODE5 Denmark. With mTw, the strongest team in Denmark, out of the way – as they qualified in Spain – they had what many saw as an easy road to the finals after a close 2–1 series against Swedish team ProStaker.

The other team was Made in Brazil. This G7 team was actually seen as an underdog going into this competition, as their new found rivals, firegamers, had made some very powerful pickups in the last few months. Once again, though, the Made in Brazil squad shows why they are in the G7 and the top of Brazil, beating firegamers 2–1.

Fnatic was auto berthed from last year’s event.

Perhaps the biggest controversy is from Evil Geniuses, who made it through when Gravitas Gaming did not get their papers finished in time.  As for the teams that placed ahead of EG, former WinOut and Frag Dominant team were “unable to be contacted” and x3o and CompLexity were unable to finish the paperwork in time as well.

The entire list is below, as where as their country and where they qualified:

 Made in Brazil (Brazil)
 mousesports (Germany, qualified in Denmark)
 wNv (China, qualified in South East Asia)
 SK Gaming (Sweden)
 mTw (Denmark, qualified in Spain)
 Team Alternate (Germany)
 Evil Geniuses (America, replaced Gravitas)
 Ex-MeetYourMakers (Poland)
 emulate (France)
 k1ck eSports Club (Portugal)
 The Elder Gods (Romania)
 Artyk (peru, qualified at KODE5 Latin America)
 Team Immunity (Australia)
 ENTITY (Macedon, qualified in Serbia)
 fnatic (Sweden, auto berthed)

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