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Evil Geniuses Acquires Sway Gaming

MYEG - Months after the announcement of several players from Sway Gaming's Counter Strike squad joining the new EG.ca, Sway's Team Fortress 2 team finally comes along for the ride.

On the 22nd of January the first of many acquisitions this year for the Evil Geniuses organization started; with the acquiring of part of Sway Gaming's CS lineup, the closing of the Sway organization, and their manager moving to EG as well. The one thing that was lacking was a clear future for the organization's strong TF2 team.

The TF2 became a force to be reckoned with when they placed second in CEVO-A Season 1, third in the Sennheiser Open, and fourth in CEVO-P Season 2. Most recently they were eliminated from the ESEA playoffs by complexity in the semifinals. “It's a thrill to be playing for such a prestigious organization like Evil Geniuses,” said Schwartz, the team's captain. “Everyone is excited that such an organization decided to open its door to Team Fortress 2 and we hope this will help grow interest in the game further. We would also like to thank Intel, Steelseries, Kingston, Peregrine, NFO Servers and Ventrilo.net for all the support; without them, none of this would be possible.”

Team EG Executive Director Alex Garfield added, "The question in choosing to support an emerging title without an overwhelming competitive presence is always: can we help build the community together if we team up?  Adding teams and games to a professional gaming organization should not be done frivolously.  And I think this is largely the explanation for why we've waited so long to partner up with a team for this game." He finished, "But after a long period of research and investigation, I think we've found the right people not just to play under the EG tag, but also to help grow the competitive TF2 community as a whole."

The team has also accepted invites to both the GotFrag Invitational and CEVO-Professional Season 3.

New EG.tf2 lineup:

Daniel 'destro' Schwartz,

Casey 'casey' Marks,

Amrit 'amr' Mallh,

Chad 'hero' Holstein,

Brandon 'yaug' Yauger,

Rene 'reen' Escobar.


Nick 'pow' Ortolani

Paul 'cyzer' Sandhu

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