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eSports Maturity and Professionalism

INSIDER ESPORTS - TehKorean talks about the importance of maturity in Counter Strike.

This is a column peice.  All opinions expressed are the authors and not Insider eSports' or any of her sponsors and partners.


In every sport that we play, there are rules and guidelines on how to play the game and also how to act while you’re playing it. There’s also usually a level or respect between any professional sports team, and that very same respect is appreciated from their rivals or opponents.

We can all say that in professional sports, holding a mature and respectful attitude is just as important as playing. However, eSports hasn’t really reached that level of maturity or professionalism that in my opinion is necessary in a sport.

I like to focus on the game Counter Strike, as I’ve been playing it for a good four years now and really the game I see the lack of a strong maturity level. Any competitive Counter Strike player can say that maturity in and out of game practically never happens.

There are many times when you will notice the there are very high amounts of immaturity in Counter Strike matches, sometimes more or less, depending on what kind of people and teams you are playing (note: avoid pugs...oh god!). This social terror is amazingly evident in Counter Strike; from constant team killing, to the accusation or use of hacks, and then trash talking.

All trash talking isn’t bad, but the trash talking I’m talking about is the racist, sexist, attacks on personality, mothers, sisters, “how bad you are” attacks; the list goes on and on.

It makes competitive Counter Strike not the most pleasant, so to say. However, the main problem is that there seems to be no end to the amount of immaturity that every Counter Strike player seems to show.

There are also times when professional Counter Strike players just seem to make the wrong decisions. I’m going to take for example the controversial Clown and Devour hacking incident. Too basically summarize the whole ordeal in a couple sentences, Clown and Devour was about to play against Keyboard Smashers in Counter Strike Source for brand new Alienware Computers that were provided by CEVO. Clown and Devour confident that the other team was hacking decided to obtain hacks of their own and were caught by the CEVO anti-cheat client.

People might argue “well Keyboard Smashers were hacking. and that Clown and Devour had every right to hack there way right back”. But there’s a problem with that logic. In a true respectful fashion, you should not stoop to their level to combat their supposed hacking. Yes, there is constant amount of proof that KBS (Keyboard Smashers) was hacking, but as of now they still have not been banned from CEVO and not from ESEA either.

I’d prefer it if even professional players didn’t hack, but it is in my belief that hacking should never be allowed no matter the circumstance and that whenever you hack you do show a lack of professionalism in your game.

Don’t get me wrong here; I think Clown and Devour are excellent players and I respect them heavily for their skill levels. However, they just made a bad mistake and despite that, I still believe that they are great individuals that play well in their respective game.

As I close I’d like to say that if people really do want eSports to become big, sooner or later we must obtain a level of maturity that becomes standard for most competitive gamers. I believe that ESEA is taking a big step forward in enforcing this maturity policy as they have been not allowing teams to restart their match if it is due to team kills or just goofing off and I hope that other leagues follow this policy as well.

If we are able to become mature in any game than I truly do believe that E sports will grow, whether you agree with me or not it’d be good anyway to see less team kills in the top right corner of my screen.

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quote#1 CA exaN 20/04/2009 - 13:30:58
Esports need ethics like any other sports (if I can call it a sport).

However, most people involved in esports are either too young or ignorant to understand the meaning of the word ethic.

quote#2 US moGwai 20/04/2009 - 14:34:42
Yeah until people recognize it mentally as a function, as the FPS or game being a complete interface, essentially making it perfect for calling it "eSports".

quote#3 US Ghost 20/04/2009 - 14:46:57
Great article, I agree 100%. I'm the leader of my CSS team and its pretty sad to see a lot of teams and people out there that their maturity level is that of a 4th grader. I've played soccer competitively for some time now, and in my opinion, there really isn't a need for trash talk.

Also people need to grow up and accept the facts that not everyone cheats. Yes, there are cheaters out there, and they don't get caught. But, there will always be cheaters online, and you just have to deal with it. Just because they made a ridiculous and lucky shot doesn't mean they cheat.

I definitely agree that if eSports is to be taken seriously, then the maturity level needs to increase.

A possible solution a lot of leagues could take into effect, would putting the minimum age requirement to age 18 (I'm only 17 right now but 95% of the other 16-17 year olds I've met on this game, are immaturity as can be). Which putting an age restriction could also lead to people just lying about their ages.

quote#4 CA Justin 20/04/2009 - 23:01:08
Im mature..

haha NOT

quote#5 US ExpliSit`1 21/04/2009 - 10:10:05
Great read david, thx for the blog. I would love to see any level of maturity in CS/CSS and maybe some day we will.

Age restrictions? LAWL CS/CSS has always had a mature rating, yet how many little pissant 11/12/13/14 year olds do you hear spamming on the mic? I think the parents that buy these games for kids are the ones at fault.

quote#6 US TheUltimateGamer31 22/04/2009 - 07:35:54
Originally posted by US ExpliSit`1Great read david, thx for the blog. I would love to see any level of maturity in CS/CSS and maybe some day we will.

Age restrictions? LAWL CS/CSS has always had a mature rating, yet how many little pissant 11/12/13/14 year olds do you hear spamming on the mic? I think the parents that buy these games for kids are the ones at fault.

"I think the parents that buy these games for kids are the ones at fault."

Ding Dong!!!! Somebody get this guy a IE door prize if you please. But, as usual, you wont see parents taking the rap for this shit.....

quote#7 US vwbuggirl 03/05/2009 - 08:16:21
I must say, I agree with all you guys, especially ExpliSit and TUG. However, I don't think it's quite fair to place all blame solely on the parents. My younger brother was forbidden by my mother to get the game HALO, but my older brother bought it for him so my mom wouldn't find out. So, unfortunately, even the parents who do want to keep their children out of mature level games sometimes cannot due to conniving siblings, or even just visits to friends' houses who are allowed to have the game.

As for the original matter of this post, I definitely agree with tehkorean. More maturity and professionalism would allow more companies to take eSports more seriously. Much more respect would come your (you being fans or players of eSports) way if more maturity was seen. At this point, eSports looks to the world like that cliched picture of a middle aged man in his mother's basement...

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