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Okay for teenagers to have their personal computers or not: is it shaping how American Youth is?
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Okay for teenagers to have their personal computers or not: is it shaping how American Youth is?

As a 17 year old teenager, I do not have a PC in my bedroom for myself. However, it is very well known by most of us that many teenagers have their personal computers just for themselves. So is it really okay for teenagers to have their own private PC under no one’s watch?
I think that teenagers should not have the privilege of having their own personal PC. It can turn out pretty bad for the teenagers and their family. For instance, there have been stories that Myspace has freely opened teenagers to cyber bullies and to have a chance to meet people that they have never met before. Honestly, how many parents know what kind of people their own daughter or son hangs out with? I don’t think any barely do. If they do, they should’ve been able to avoid getting their children bullied online that can sometimes even lead to suicide.
Another thing that we should consider is that there are numerous wicked websites that are exceedingly abnormal to the eyes of the Americans. But what if someone tells you that your son or daughter visits one of these wicked websites? I have friends who have been led into the concept of being slim by starving, anorexic, through stories available online on their personal computers. Teenagers basically have freedom to learn or learn how to do anything they want by simply clicking. Teenagers are led to a society where they can type in “How to” into Google or Youtube search engine and even learn how to hack a website or someone’s account if they desire to. To know that teenagers have access to anything that they want by combination of these two technologies (personal computer and internet) can be very upsetting to many people and parents. But what can be done? Nothing can stop the development of the internet itself. However we should be concerned about teenagers having these accesses through their computers. Perhaps, teenager suicidal rate and the number of anorexic teenagers will decrease if there was bit of supervision on teenagers usage of personal computer by their parents.
Not only have they had access to learning how to do things, but they have also been introduced to the world of pornographics. Today, teenagers do not live in a society where they have to show their I.D. in the bookstore to buy a playboy magazine or to rent adult movies. There are bazillions of free pornographic websites that are offered to anyone that seeks out for it. So if the teenagers have their own personal computers, are they not tempted to watch it? I mean, it is by human nature that all guys like to see girls naked and to see them do something sexual related. (Unless they are gay) So are the parents aware of the teenagers having access to pornography by just clicking and typing into their own personal computers? Do parents believe that other kids might do it but my son or daughter won’t watch that kind of stuff? Then why do we have so many teenager pregnancies, rape, and teenagers attempting to try pointless things that they have seen online.
Even though, the parents take away the privilege of a personal computer from their teenagers; there are plenty of ways that allows teenagers to access the internet. For example, there are things called Smartphones, iTouch, iPhone, and all kinds of high tech electronic gadgets. We live in a society, where I can just wake up in the middle of the night and turn on my iTouch to get on the Safari to watch some Starcraft matches whenever I want to. Better yet, our technology is so high that one can access the internet wherever they are with their iPhone.
So what do I have to say about this ongoing problem? Well, I think that it can’t be stopped with our technology constantly developing. It can be alleviated by parents carefully supervising their children when they are on the computer. But honestly, how many parents really got the time to check upon everything that their teenagers do on their personal computers? It just can’t be stopped. I believe that this ongoing problem has shaped how American youth is and represented to our society. I strongly feel that this ongoing problem will one day strike us really hard as a rising problem globally like global warming.

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quote#1 US Ghost 16/04/2009 - 16:06:40
I'm also 17 but I think it depends on the common sense a person has. I mean this pc is mine, but not in my room (I'm not going to use wireless f--- that). Common sense comes into play when you do stupid shit like that. I mean it's pretty sad about all the stuff that some teens go through on the internet, but it comes into common sense.

Teens need to know their limits, whats bs, and what's true. I personally don't think there is a problem especially since I do a lot of papers and projects on my pc.

Nice blog

quote#2 CA exaN 16/04/2009 - 16:13:54
In my opinion, it's ok for teenagers to have a computer, or any other personal goods, if they earn it. My parents would buy me a Nintento 64 and a Playstation 1 as a kid, but when I hit like 12 or 13, if I wanted a Playstation 2, a Xbox etc, I had to EARN it. That means I had to work and help around the house. So if my parents knew I worked hard enough but I still didn't have the full money, they would still pay like $100 on it.

Otherwise I think teenagers have a certain lack of responsibility. If you're not used to earn what you want, then you're used not to work at all and still have anything you want, which is a bad thing when you get older in my opinion. Plus, when you WORK for something, you feel so much better after.

My 2 cents.

quote#3 US tehkorean 17/04/2009 - 23:24:56
much better than I thought it would be :D.

quote#4 US TheUltimateGamer31 20/04/2009 - 19:29:36
imho, i agree with exan, it does come down to common sense. also, it comes down to a little something a lot of people have a lack there of: Maturity. I am 18 now, ive been playing video games for many, many years and i have heard from 20,000+ places about video games being bad and all of these other things being bad. Do I listen to what they say? yes. Do I care? No. Why? Because I know the facts. TBQH, Drugs and Alcohol are the top 2 things on the streets that are the worst.

That doesnt stop teens from trying them and parents, of course, its going to cause them to freak out. Porn? As "discusting" as some parents find it, that isnt really too disturbing to find your kid looking at it (i mean, what are they gonna do? masturbate themselves to death :P)...... pending the type of porn hes/shes viewing.... thats when parents may want to start keeping an eye on their kids. I think it would be safer for someone take care of their business from the comfort of their own home, rather than go out here and rape the innocent. Its going to happen, whether we like it or not.

I mean, myspace, twitter, facebook, etc.. are places kids cant escape cyber bullying. Kids are going to get bullied WORST at school, home, and in public 3x as worst then on the interweb. In all honesty, all parents need to do is just sit down and listen to their children to see whats buggin from time 2 time. I know that sometimes its hard, but maybe 5-10 minutes before they go to bed, or maybe on the weekends (for those 5 day workers).

I found this out the hard way and now im trying to pass down my experiences to someone in my own family.

But, thats my roughly 20 cents (:P) on the matter.

quote#5 US TheUltimateGamer31 20/04/2009 - 19:30:57
that was ghost, not exan..... whoops.....

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