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x3o vs. Gravitas Preview

INSIDER ESPORTS - x3o vs. Gravitas Gaming?  Yikes!  Michael Fleming continues his ESEA previews.

Talk about a match...  The best two North American teams - okay, to a degree - going head to head.  And when they face off, who knows who will win?

x3o was having their problems with the whole transition from mehler, who now went to DEF, and dboorN.  They appear to have picked it up though, but coL isn't what I think is a great warmup.  Good, but not great.

So it's a tossup.  Can I say de_nuke will be the turning point?  Quite possibly.

De_nuke has gone in Gravitas' favor most recently in this matchup; they won 16-3 at KODE5 USA about a month ago.  A new roster - or a slightly changed roster, at least - for x3o might be the difference.

I'm just in shock that these teams are going head to head now.

I'm not even looking into the statistics.  Let's just make a prediction.

Peawok's Prediction:

16-10 in favor of Gravitas.  Let's see what happens.

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quote#1 US peawok 15/04/2009 - 20:38:43
Short preview. Was in a rush and knew stats hardly matter for these guys lol.

Good luck

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