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ESEA Invite Continues Tonight in Round 2

ESEA - After the first round of play, who will continue to the winners bracket finals; and who will be sent home?

After the first round of play in the ESEA Invite playoffsm we saw top seeded x3o defeat bottom seed compLexity 16–9, fourth seeded Gravitas sent fifth seeded former WinOut, now DEF, to the lower bracket in a close game 16-14.

The lower half of the bracket is more surprising; number three EG.usa dominated number six pandemic 16-3, and second seeded iDemise got a free past against number seven Paragon of virtue through a forfeit win.

In the second round of the winner’s bracket, we have a familiar game in the upper half of the bracket; Gravitas Gaming is playing their rivals, x3o. x3o won their last matchup – in CEVO on de_dust2 – so it will be interesting to see if they repeat.  

On the lower half of the upper bracket we have Evil Geniuses playing iDemise. EG.usa lost to iDemise in their last encounter.

In the first round of the lower bracket, we have Complexity playing DEF.  Pandemic got a free ride to the next round of the lower bracket as PoV again forfeited this game as well.

These matches will take place on de_nuke.

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